Korea wants to cry! In July, Chinese tourists dropped by 70%

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diyicaijing· 2017-08-23 14:31:34

overseas network on 23 August, the South Korean government on the deployment of the "Sade", let the South Korean relations continued cold, be regarded as absolute gold main Chinese tourists to Korea enthusiam. According to the latest data from the Korea Tourism Bureau issued 22, July visit to South Korea China visitors compared to the same period last year decreased by 69.3%, 281 thousand and 263 people. Affected by the situation on the Korean Peninsula unrest and other factors, to Japanese tourists for 4 consecutive months reduced. In July, Japanese tourists fell by 8.4% compared with the same period, to 170 thousand and 634 passengers.

, according to South Korea, "Asian economy" reported that 23 foreign tourists visited Korea in July year-on-year decrease of 40.8%, 1 million 8 thousand and 671 people. In addition to Chinese and Japanese tourists, Southeast Asian multinational tourists also showed a decreasing trend. Among them, Philippines tourists decreased by 39.4%, to 32 thousand and 343 passengers; Malaysia tourists decreased by 21.3%, to 12 thousand and 757 passengers; Thailand tourists decreased by 9.7%, to 24 thousand and 631 passengers. The only exception is Vietnam, where Vietnamese tourists rose by 28.5% in July, to 31 thousand and 528. In addition, tourists from Europe and America also showed a downward trend due to the tense situation in the peninsula. The number of visitors in July decreased by 1.7% compared with the same period of last year. In contrast,

's enthusiasm for traveling abroad is even higher. According to statistics, in July the number of outbound tourists from Korea was 2 million 389 thousand and 447 passengers, an increase of 14.5%.

" to foreign tourists especially sharply reduce Chinese tourists, let Korea tourism industry complain incessantly. Not only did South Korean cheap airlines cancel flights scheduled to return to several cities in China in the near future. Local airport duty-free shops and travel agencies also plummeted performance.

, according to Yonhap reported on the 16 of this month, South Korea aviation industry 15 news, Sida Korean Airlines canceled a scheduled 20 days this month launched by Shenyang, Shanghai, Chinese from Chungju Airport in Dalian, Harbin and Ningbo City flight plan. At present, except Yanji, Isda Airlines grounded flights to and from other cities in china. Responsible person said, showing signs of recovery in the Korean government after the establishment of the relationship between yin. But recently, the South Korean government decided the temporary deployment of 4 vehicles "Sade" launch vehicle incident, and add variables for the relations between the two countries, Chinese counter measures of fear will continue for a period of time, so the company decided to temporarily postpone the plan.

Korean local airport duty-free shops also plummeted performance. Taking Chungju Airport as an example, from the Chinese side to strengthen "Sade" counter measures, South Korea duty-free performance below the 100 million won, but the rent is as high as 150 million won, can make businesses complain incessantly. And is located in Cheju Airport goaline Liya duty-free shops for Chinese visitors plummeted to performance decline, unable to pay the Cheju Airport store rent and staff wages, has been to the airport to send a document, apply for the return of the right to operate.

Korea travel service has also suffered heavy losses. A travel agency official told the media that the company has closed 3 branches and laid off more than 50 people. If the Korean government has no further countermeasures, a large number of travel agents will be closed down.

" according to foreign news reported earlier, July 29th at around 1 a.m. local time, South Korean President Wen zaiyin meeting on the protection of national security on Chong Wa Dae will immediately issued a directive, in consultation with the United States on the strategic deterrence between South Korea and the United States to strengthen the program, including additional the deployment of the remaining 4 car "Sade" launch vehicle.

in this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Ping at a press conference to respond to the Chinese side expressed concern about the relevant practices of the rok. The Chinese side firmly opposes the United States' position in the deployment of the "Sade" system in Korea and is consistent and clear. The deployment of "Sade" can not solve the security concerns of the ROK, and can not solve the relevant issues on the Korean Peninsula, it will only make the problem more complicated. I would also like to reiterate that the deployment of the "Sade" system in South Korea has seriously undermined regional strategic balance and undermined the strategic security interests of the countries in the region, including china. We strongly urge the ROK and the us to face up to the concerns of the Chinese side, stop the deployment process and remove related equipment.

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