SSE 50, five, even up stock index intraday approaching 3300 points


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" in August 23, Caixin: only banks, consumer stocks, defense stocks Piaohong, stock index closed at 3287.70 points, down 0.08%.

on Wednesday the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opened slightly lower in early trading, by black futures drag, iron and steel, nonferrous metals and other resource stocks fell across the board, financial stocks and consumer stocks to support the market upside, Shanghai 50 stock index also rose 1% in the afternoon, was approaching the 3300 point mark, late turned green again. Most of the disk floating green, bank led, steel stocks led more than 2% cycle. Subject concept, the outbreak of environmental stocks, the new stock index in the afternoon quickly pulled up, more than one stock trading. The two volume compared with the previous trading day was shrinking.

stock index closed at 3287.70 points, or 0.08%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10619.34 points, or 0.33%; gem index reported 1807.37 points, or 0.42%; small and medium-sized board index reported 7179.60 points, down 0.25%.

Shanghai Stock Exchange 204 billion 330 million yuan, Shenzhen Stock Exchange 226 billion 584 million yuan, two cities total turnover of 430 billion 914 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day of 484 billion 640 million yuan obvious atrophy. On the surface of the

, most sectors fell, specific to the sector, only banks, non bank financial, food and beverage, household appliances rose four plates, which led the bank; iron and steel, nonferrous metals, mining, chemical industry and other sectors fell, led by the iron and steel. The theme of the concept, time shares index, PM2.5 index, ST index concept led, rare earth permanent magnet, small metal, led by vitamin index.

Qianhai Kaiyuan Fund chief economist Yang Delong told reporters that the new wealth, news of pension market to a certain degree to boost market confidence, the pension investment style is the pursuit of a stable, sustained return every year, for the investment risk control more stringent, pension pay more attention to the main blue chip. But the pension market to buy small cap stocks, that is as long as high-quality stocks, pension funds are likely to buy, this is a very important signal to the market is expected to be ready to punch off. From today's disk other circumstances, the big financial and consumer white horse stocks rose, cyclical stocks although adjusted, is expected to remain short after the rest will continue to show.

XinDa securities strategist Gu Yongtao told Caixin reporters that since the beginning of this year, the state has introduced a number of environmental protection measures, the development of environmental protection industry has been policy support. Environmental protection department at a news conference, said in conjunction with the Commission to take measures to accelerate the disclosure of major environmental penalties information. Environmental protection efforts to increase, pushing up the market for environmental protection industry attention, and industry profitability, growth is relatively robust, but also attracted the allocation of funds.

Gu Yongtao believes that today's financial sector performance is relatively strong, food, beverages, household appliances industry followed, reflecting the market is expected in the weak shocks, the return of the plate will be stronger certainty. Especially with the gradual disclosure of the report, the market for the financial industry as well as the large consumer sector is expected to be verified, the allocation of power has been strengthened.

Gu Yongtao said that the recent core factors affecting the market, still from the market for economic differences, economic data in July weakened, but whether to enter the new cycle is still in dispute. Market differences will gradually verify all kinds of information, follow-up economic data will affect the direction of the market.

week, most stocks in Sanya rose too. As the new financial reporter press time, the Nikkei index at 19434.64 points, or 0.26%; South Korea composite index reported 2366.40 points, or 0.05%; the Hongkong market by Typhoon "Columba" holiday effect.

editor: reporter Qin Jie, Cao Wenjiao, Chen Xi,

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