Give your baby a bath. Don't do these 5 things

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taipingyangqinziwang· 2017-08-23 16:58:58

it's quite common for parents to take a bath for their babies. However, there are many parents there are many errors, such as the baby shower shower, heating water in the bath process......

these seemingly insignificant little things, but the baby has great harm. So, give the baby a bath, the following 5 things that parents don't do! "

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1, no amount of water directly to bathe the baby

many parents or the elderly at home, no water temperature the habit of measuring temperature. Most are based on the feeling of hand, that the temperature of the water suitable for babies to take a bath. As you know, the temperature of the water surface and the bottom are different. If you feel the baby with your hands, you will easily burn the baby.

so, in order to accurately grasp the temperature of the water, standing at home a baby bath thermometer is particularly important.

recommended: Bei Xin times baby cartoon water thermometer, which can be used indoors, and can measure the baby shower water temperature; fish cartoon, let the baby in the bath process is also full of fun.

2, no use of baby shower gel or shampoo

, many parents will think that the baby does not go out at ordinary times, when you take a shower, just wash with water. But in fact, the water can only wash the baby's body surface dirt, for the body attached to the grease, water can not be washed clean.

therefore, choose a dedicated baby shower gel and shampoo, use 1-2 times a week, not only for the baby to be more thorough cleaning, but also to reduce the baby's skin inflammation, allergies and other symptoms.

recommended: sanosan baby shower combo, without adding harmful substances, the use of natural care baby formula and delicate skin; does not contain fluorescent agent compounds, give the baby comfortable bath.

3, let the baby stay in the water too long

water baby's innate nature, some mothers in order to let the baby have a happy bath time, will let the baby have more time in the water. But because the weather is getting cooler, staying in the water for too long, easy to make the baby sick, catch cold.

so, give your baby a bath, mom needs to be controlled in less than 10 minutes. At the same time, wash your bath with a soft and comfortable big bath towel, quickly dry the baby's body moisture, painted with moisturizing lotion, put on warm and comfortable autumn pajamas.

recommended: nanjiren fall pajamas, preferably cotton fabrics, take care of the baby's delicate skin; snap design, easy to wear off; two stalls, meet the different needs of the baby, mother convenient diaper change.

4, the direct use of the baby shower shower

whether it is natural gas water heater or electric water heater, there will be a high or low temperature conditions. In the face of delicate baby, if you shower with a shower directly on the baby, it will probably burn your baby. Because the baby does not like adults have a certain degree of heat resistance, and will not make immediate escape reaction.

at this time, parents should prepare a special baby bath for the baby. Adjust the depth and temperature of the water before the baby takes a bath. Water temperature at 37-42 degrees Celsius is more appropriate, and the water depth is usually the baby lie down, the height of water will not touch the baby earlobe.

recommended: good boy baby bath, the native food grade polypropylene; have U rebate, locked the edge of the bathtub, bath to prevent slipping rollover; skeleton wavy design, can disperse the baby shower gravity.

5, give your baby a bath and walk away occasionally.

, many parents will occasionally go out to get towels, clothes or answer the phone when they give the baby a bath. Think of a short leave, the baby does not appear any major problems. However, many accidents happen to the parents.

because the baby's body coordination ability is not mature, and accidentally fall, it is easy to lead to drowning. So, in the baby bath process, no matter how anxious things, you can not leave the baby in the bathtub alone.

's parenting path is long and challenging, and a little neglect can do great harm to your baby. So, parents must not be taken lightly, oh,

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