A ridiculous thing: because the U.S. nuclear submarine sank a Japanese fishing boat for a meal

Submarine Japan Navy destroyer

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2017" in August 21st, the U.S. Navy Mccain missile destroyer collided with a civilian ship in Singapore eastern waters, killing 10 people missing, 5 people were injured, but only a few days ago, the U.S. Navy had punished the USS Fitzgerald the collision accident liability, accident prone to continuous, U.S. Secretary of the Navy Richardson was furious, ordered the suspension of global activities, carry out the investigation. The United States naval ship impact are indeed many examples, such as the February 9, 2001 U.S. nuclear submarine Japanese fishing boat incident than the destroyer crash more fantastic. The

event at noon on February 9, 2001, the waters of Hawaii, local time is 1:45, Uwajima County High School of Fisheries Japan Ehime pill "Ehime Maru" practice trawler is 16 kilometers from Oahu waters and a dangerous situation. In a time of escape the deadly storm, Captain Oonishi Naoxiong felt the ship was a hitherto unknown the billow, only heard a loud noise, the boat Stern was on top of the day, and then I heard the voice of twisted metal fracture. All the ship's equipment failed, and the water poured into the ship's hull and the ship was in a mess. Oonishi Naoxiong immediately ordered the crew to concentrate on preparing to abandon the ship.

" he recalled this scenario by saying that "everyone can seize seize the place, the ship confound", a wave hit over the Atlantic, the captain and other crew members were involved in the sea. But at this point, the lifeboat has not been laid down, but fortunately, because before the face of stormy waves, everyone wearing a life jacket, and temporarily saved his life. The critical moment, the lifeboat was in the ship crew put down, including Oonishi Naoxiong, a man is saved, but "the Ehime Maru" 5 minutes into the sea, 9 Japanese lost their lives. Arch-criminal

caused the tragedy of the United States is "Greenville", the ship is on the Losangeles class nuclear submarine suddenly emerge from the sea to show a classic look up move, but do not want to "Duang" sound hit the head of the Japanese fishing boat, the boat will open at the end of a big the hole.

"Greenville" in the conscious sank "Ehime Maru" did not rescue, but cruise in the vicinity of Ehime Maru ", quietly waiting, I sank before leaving. During this period, "Ehime Maru" Captain Oonishi Naoxiong even saw the submarine surfaced, but several officers walking on the bridge, looking after a drill back, the submarine soon disappeared, until 1 hours after the U.S. Coast Guard rescue vessel was rushed to the scene, the crew rescued drowning.

"Ehime Maru" on more than 20 crew members, two teachers and 13 interns, they are the Japanese high school students, to the Hawaii sea just to complete the compulsory maritime practice class, but did not expect to be 6700 tons of nuclear submarines impact. This caused their parents to be indignant, they do not believe at that time such advanced Losangeles class nuclear submarine, actually cannot discover in the top of the head Japanese fishing vessel.

is the official explanation of the United States, the Greenville, the ongoing emergency communication exercises, and may not notice at the top of the submarine, but clearly mentioned U.S. Navy submarine operating procedures, emergency drills in the floating submarine must use a periscope and sonar monitoring of water. In the determination of no other vessels, first dive to a certain depth, and then go up urgently, the U.S. military shield this person's own rhetoric, apparently can not be recognized. In the face of challenge, then the Pacific Fleet commander fargot said "the ship is in return, not high alert"!

" in Japan is questioned, "less than 10 nautical miles from the site of the incident in Honolulu, the area of intensive fishing boats, submarine activities are high security, continue to search around, avoid collision, how should the omission of the ship the boat? This accident is either a deliberate murder, or is not in accordance with the requirements of submarine operations, they must take full responsibility".

later gradually opened the military investigation of the crash truth, the submarine in February 9th has invited two people to enter the submarine dining, thus causing the delay time of 45 minutes, in order to hurry back to the base as soon as possible, in order to catch the 2 o'clock Pearl Harbor arrangements for tug and dock worker. Captain Waddell secretly drills needed will go up 10 minutes preparation time compressed to 5 minutes, the sea at periscope observed on 3 minutes compressed to 80 seconds, the float bumped into "Ehime Maru". A

" on the boat said that he had found in sonar "Ehime Maru" was very close, only 2000 yards, but because the captain just uses a periscope observation over the sea. He thought he had no sonar problem, not only report, but will distance arbitrarily changed to 9000 yards, this series of negligence eventually formed accident chain, "Ehime pill"
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