India worries about Nepal's visit or the need to take a big one against china"

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-08-23 17:03:44

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[Global Times reporter Wang Panpan] Nepal Prime Minister Deuba 23, will be the first visit to India, India public opinion has worried. "India times" said, "Nepal from China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative to get huge investment, India is facing great pressure with big rival China ". "India times" 22, slightly warned that, in the context of the Sino Indian military confrontation in the long hole, if Germany and Upa visit referred to Nepal and India territorial disputes, will exacerbate the situation".

Deuba was elected in June this year the Prime Minister of Nepal, this is his first visit. "The India times" 21, citing the India's government officials as saying, "in Nepal have China Belt and Road Initiative" initiative access to a number of large projects, although during his visit, India and Nepal will also sign a series of memos, Nepal is also seeking India to play a supporting role in Nepal's domestic political process, but New Delhi still facing the big China out compete pressure influence ". In addition, India also hopes to secure Nepal and "remain sensitive to India's concerns."". According to "India times" reported, Deuba during his visit to India and China will sign a $250 million memorandum.

"the India times" said that Nepal to China and India are also very concerned about the confrontation between the long hole, "during the Deuba and Prime Minister of India Modi talks, China will be" the elephant in the room. "Reported that Deuba's visit is facing pressure from Nepal, asked him to raise territorial disputes with India. But the sources believe that Kathmandu may wait until the situation in the cave calm down before mentioning relevant issues.

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