What is Yang Zhu's most famous saying about Yang Zhu's view of happiness?

One of Yang Zhu's most famous words

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we describe a person very stingy today, will say that this person is a person too stingy to pull out a hair ", and Yang Zhu too stingy to pull out a hair this idiom is one of the most famous words are. Although this sentence is not what Yang Zhu said, but it has a very big relationship with Yang Zhu, this sentence is from "Meng Zi". This sentence is like this: "Yang Ziqu for me, pull 10 Fen and benefit the world, not for", of course, the source of this sentence is also allusions.


Yang Zhu portrait

, first of all, we need to know the difference between Yang Zhu's Yang Zhu school and Mo-tse's Mohist Thought, in order to better understand the story. Yang Zhu believed that Mo-tse's Mohist thought had been more moral than man's limit, so Yang Zhu stood up against Mo-tse at that time. We all know that Mo-tse's thought is the core of "universal love", while Yang Zhu thought core is "expensive, heavy, full protection" etc.. Therefore, there is a great difference between the thoughts of the two people. Yang Zhu mainly pays attention to the preservation of his own life by individuals, opposes their plundering of their own, and also opposes their plundering of others.

is a student of Mo-tse from the slip PCT asked Yang Zhu, he asked, if you pull the body of a hair, can make the people of the world have been good, you do it? Yang Zhu answered from sliding Li said that the people of the world's problems, absolutely not pull one hair to deal with. "Off the mile," he said, "if you can, would you like to?". So Yang Zhu silently refused to answer. At that time another thinker Meng Zi, Mo-tse and Yang Zhu made their own evaluation: "Yang Ziqu for me, pull 10 Fen and benefit the world, not for.". Mo-tse love, fervor to benefit the world." This is "too stingy to pull out a hair" source.

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