See foreign visitors how thousands of chasing the thief to retrieve the lost iPad

IPad foreign passenger equipment

tengxunkeji· 2016-05-08 04:24:28

lucky is that the iPad last foothold is returned to the original airport, and airport lost and found department also call for bonny informs him of the situation.

"they told me that an old lady in the old age had returned to the airport a few minutes ago. The old lady said he received the balloon, and that the iPad should be returned to the airport, just do not want me to call him. "Bonnie said at last. < p >, it's worth mentioning is that during this period the Bonnie has been regularly on Facebook post status updates, and his behavior is also appealing to the attention of hundreds of followers.

"this story is even more than the" power of the game "(of Thrones Game) but also interesting. "A friend said Bonnie Facebook. (Rui Jie)

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