Unfamiliar street performance growth of two times, the stock price has plummeted 20%

Live broadcast unfamiliar street dollar entertainment

meirijingjixinwen· 2017-08-24 02:39:39

earlier this year, unfamiliar street released data show that in 2016, unfamiliar street ten anchor total revenue of 115 million yuan, comparable to a A A-share listed company's annual income. And one of the popular female anchor, in 2016 revenue of up to 16 million yuan, but also created 8 months to play 30 million yuan reward live miracle.


to create these graphic unrelated star anchor the unfamiliar street also gratifying performance". Last night (22), unfamiliar street released the latest earnings report, in the second quarter of 2017, the company's net revenue grew two times, net profit growth of two times.

surprisingly, after the release of the above earnings, Mo Mo shares will all the way down, closing, the share price plummeted over 20%, refresh since mid June low to $36.02.

" according to the Tencent finance, some analysts said, unfamiliar street to the share price plummeted, lies in the core of the company's two consecutive quarter of decline in net profit.

net profit of continuous decline

22 evening, the unfamiliar street reported:

2017 in the second quarter, unfamiliar street net revenues of $312 million 200 thousand, an increase of 215%; the unfamiliar street broadcast services generated revenue of $259 million 400 thousand, accounting for 83% of the total revenue.


Mo Mo revenue growth on non GAAP net profit (Non-GAAP), unfamiliar street in the two quarter of 2017 was $73 million 800 thousand, with growth of 218% over $23 million 200 thousand a year.

"street net profit growth of

in fact, unfamiliar street played down the chain data in key year data and publicity. From the chain data, the quarterly profit fell sharply. Earnings, two quarter net profit fell by more than 18.6%. Last year's fourth quarter, unfamiliar street's net profit of $91 million 500 thousand, which means that unfamiliar street's net profit has declined for two consecutive quarters.

according to the results, the direct cause of the quarter decline in net profit is the cost and expenditure increase, 2016Q1-2017Q1, not in accordance with GAAP measurement, its amount was $40 million 500 thousand, $77 million 300 thousand, $109 million 500 thousand, $150 million, $165 million 600 thousand, but in the two quarter of this year, the cost and expenses of $233 million and the growth of 189% over the same period last year, $85 million 200 thousand.

after each editor (micro signal: nbdnews) noted that for the cost and expenditure growth, unfamiliar street gives 5 reasons in the earnings report, two of which were provided with live service anchor and virtual gifts and increase service into marketing and promotion expenses increased.

due to broadcast business driven, Unfamiliar Street shares since mid 2016 opened a round of boom, in July 2016 the share price was less than $10, to the day before the first quarter of May 22nd earnings, the stock price of more than $45, then open the adjustment, the stock rebounded to July. But the two quarter earnings release, so that unfamiliar street stock prices fell again, Unfamiliar Street shares plummeted Tuesday, to close at 36.02 U.S. dollars, down 9.06 U.S. dollars.

live industry is cooling,

, in fact, unfamiliar street net profit decline is also reflected in the cool down the entire broadcast market.

after each editor (micro signal: nbdnews) noted that, according to the penguin cool released "2017 China live online video industry trends report" shows, live users per month long use by the peak of the second half of last year fell to 17 in 203 minutes, 182 minutes at the beginning of the year. The decrease in the length of use per person directly reflects the decline in the activity of live users.

users live month long when the per capita use began to decline (source: Penguin cool)

at the same time, live people is reduced. Data from China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) show that in the first half of 2017, the proportion of users of Chinese webcast and the overall proportion of Internet users, compared with six months ago, there has been a downward trend. However, the size of the user is still as high as 343 million, accounting for 45.6% of the overall population of Internet users. The

live industry has also begun shuffling. The first half of 2017 China broadcast industry analysis report "released in August 21st" (hereinafter referred to as the report) said:

live platform heat accords with the long tailed distribution pattern, giant pattern has been formed, six broadcast platform Android downloads of billions of dollars, has teeth, sowing, unfamiliar street and other giant platform has formed a barrier, the second echelon later the platform can offer, being far more meraioth head platform.

we are concerned about the anchor real incomes have been got the answer in the report:

report focus on monitoring the 20 broadcast platform, including the pan entertainment, social, life, sports, game shows and six categories, found that the game platform anchor income is the most outstanding, the average income in June alone the month is as high as 44 yuan; sports anchor platform average monthly income of 100 thousand yuan, entertainment and life in the 200 thousand yuan.

, while for live platforms, the content of vulgarization still need to be vigilant. In mid July this year, the national office against pornography was notified this year from 1 to June

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