More than the father, even they have hit the graves of Americans

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lizhiwang· 2017-08-24 06:21:16

the two day, is on the "Cultural Revolution" of the United States, there is a more shocking scene … …

as saying that everyone should have heard: in the past few weeks, the United States is reeling from a more intense racial conflicts caused by the "Cultural Revolution".

" in the movement of "revolutionary" is the United States who think their ethnic discrimination and injustice, especially in the black community, and support their white population; those who believe that their own economic interests, culture and way of life is being eroded by white right-wing groups of immigrants, is the "counter revolutionary".

with the "revolutionary movement" upgrade, many historical figures in America have been a calamity, because some of the things they are clearing hundreds of years ago in the special historical period made by people "".

" for the American Civil War in support of the "slave" general Nan Fangjun, to establish their postwar American statue once regarded as the United States from the division to sign "reconciliation and unity", is China domestic intellectuals lips now, these statues have been the "revolutionaries" one by one down &hellip …

; even the father of the United States George · Washington, because once a large slave owners, and today by some African American settlement, demanding his statue removed down.

but the "counter revolutionary" were also in a frenzied counterattack, a few weeks before they drive in the U.S. state of Virginia killed a revolutionary people, causing denounce throughout the United States, the United States will further the "Cultural Revolution" to a climax.

" this is not, in this two days, the United States "ancestors", Italy famous explorer Christopher · Columbo monument, it was a "revolutionary people" were crushed, a hole with a sledgehammer chisel. Moreover, "revolutionary" also made a message saying, "break down the racist symbol."! We are pursuing a future of racial and economic equality!"

" it is reported that the destruction of the monument is a monument to Columbo in the whole of North America many "the oldest one", founded in 1792, is to commemorate Columbo came to North America for 300 years.

and the group destroyed the monument to Columbo's "revolutionary" made a video (we have Chinese with subtitles), vividly describes the reason and logic they do:

as shown in the video, a "revolutionary" said, Columbo is the representative of the European settlers of capitalism, he not only to the Western Hemisphere bring endless disasters, plunder, racial slavery, genocide and terrorism, has continued to cause African and indigenous devastating effect to still.

he said, "now in Baldi City, a large number of African Americans still live in poverty, and the monument is on their tragic fate of a ruthless face … …

" finally, before the whirl hammer, the "revolution" and said: Columbo Washington monuments and statues, is the cornerstone of American continuous racial culture, full of racial hatred these things should be remembered, for the future of mankind, they are and what they stand for evil system must be destroyed!

, at present, these "revolutionary" behavior, the mainstream public opinion is not recognized. However, people do not approve more of this kind of direct damage to public property, but whether it should commemorate Columbo, the differences are enormous.

actually, from the Baldi local media reports, more local respondents believe that Columbo is a controversial figure for the indigenous peoples of North America really caused a lot of pain and suffering, he did a little inappropriate memorial.

" local media reports also said, in fact, in recent years some of the United States has put the annual October "Columbo day" was renamed "Aboriginal Memorial Day", Baldi is a member of the city hall also want Mr Baldi to follow. The senator

said in an interview, although he does not recognize the damage of the monument, but he believes that Columbo is not really a brilliant figure, he has opened a prelude to Native American and African Americans have been destroyed and exploitation.

speak more freely online, Internet users also more for the opposing views and fierce hit Columbo monument. There is not a revolutionary opponents questioned the next step is to "Juefenbianshi", while supporters countered that "you should say to Columbo the executioner".


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