Sniper grenade? Don't make fun of it. It's just "it looks beautiful.""

Fire sniper fire control system power

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recently always talk about light weapons topic, a friend in the background to give me a message, said our sniper rifle accuracy is not good, but now with sniper grenade, definitely spike all snipers on the opposite side.

, that's what we're talking about, LG5 sniper grenade launcher. Launch 40× 53mm high speed grenade can accurately fire enemy bunkers at 800 meters. Relying on the explosive power of a grenade to destroy an enemy sniper, the so called sniper grenade launcher sounds good, but is it really that good? I said in detail below.

witness: future U.S. military advanced sniper rifle ammunition terrorist China precision

army now need what kind of

" according to the relevant units of publicity, the sniper grenade launcher is used to deal with the target enemy marksman, they are using semi automatic marksman rifle, a distance of 800 meters on the shooting accuracy in the 2 ~ 3MOA.

how powerful is a German sniper rifle? Writer MSG90

" this is I in the 2014 shooting of the LG5 type 40mm sniper grenade launcher, pay attention to the fire control system and muzzle brake in front of the induction coil. The fire control system can select the time of shrapnel explosion according to the target position. When the grenade passes through the induction coil, it can complete the setting of the fuze.

" that can reach the target in the grenade head air blast effect, the killing effect to achieve the best. Many of my friends think that equipped with this artifact, the army had Chinese front-line troops on the deadly accurate firepower. However, I want to say is that the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.

" Marine Corps unit is on trial type QLU-11 35mm sniper grenade launcher is for model LG5. This picture is widely used, a lot of friends shouted across the sniper to death. In fact, you want to look at the grenade launcher are not equipped with induction coil, which means that it cannot set the airburst fuze. Can only say that the installation of a better view of the target system, so that more accurate point of view only. Note that I mean "aiming" without saying "shooting."".

" this is the 87 type 35mm automatic grenade launcher trajectory table, look at the red box in the time of flight. 800 meters away, the bullet to fly more than 5 seconds, enough for each opponent sniper according to your traces of 5 bullets back. If the opponent is tough enough, you sniper shooter is earlier than he is! Of course, the QLU-11 grenade may have been optimized for faster flight, but not too much.

" this armed photowrite system fire control, induction coil, the airburst grenade actually would have a ready reference - the United States XM25 airburst grenade launcher. XM25 launches 25× 40mm low speed Grenades can fire individual targets at 500 meters distance and surface targets at a distance of 1000 meters.

" due to the expensive airburst grenade and fire control system, XM25 can eliminate hidden enemies within buildings. And this is also the biggest selling point of domestic sniper grenades, and claimed that XM25's power is not enough, 35mm grenade enough. Actually, what I want to say is, it's really good to let the grenade explode on the top of the enemy sniper's head. The caliber of the grenade is 25mm or 35mm. It's really not big difference.

", this is the section of XM25's fire control system, which is very complicated and expensive. QLU-11 should not have this level.

XM25 to the Afghan military will combat combat test, found the effect is good, is too much weight, empty weight reached 6.35 kg. What's more, because the ammunition is heavy, the soldiers carry less ammunition, and the auxiliary weapons can only be a pistol. Such a configuration would send dead in actual combat, so the U.S. military decided to abort XM25's plans.

", and "QLU-11", weighing about 9 kilograms, the actual value of war is debatable. The firing accuracy is not high XM25, no ability (trial type no air induction coil), also weighed nearly 5 pounds heavier than XM25 35mm ammunition, means less ammunition. XM25 doesn't work. You say QLU-11? Don't be funny, who gave you courage and confidence?

the "sniper grenade launcher", but after all is insufficient to compensate for the firing accuracy of projectile explosion. If the propaganda office really
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