How much is the most rich family in China?

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recently released a new wealth, once a year 500 rich list, micro-blog and WeChat have exploded!

"content_img_p" trillion is what magnitude? < p > if you will 9324.8 billion yuan in the replaced stacked up 100 yuan, is probably 9728600000 Zhang, if a 100 yuan is 0.1 mm, so is 972860 meters high, the equivalent of 110 seat of Mount Qomolangma (Everest is 8844 meters).

shows you a high IQ, the following questions you will calculate?

1, if the 972 billion 860 million yuan for 100 yuan RMB end up again and again, how long is it?

2, if the 972 billion 860 million yuan for 100 yuan, can be covered with many set of 100 square meters of housing?

3, if a currency-counting machine clock count 972 billion 860 million yuan, how long will it take?

9728.6 billion equivalent to $14 billion 960 million, according to IMF's 2015 member of the GDP data, higher than the more than and 70 countries of the GDP scale, can be ranked in the 115 place. < in the wealthy the order of magnitude of the PK, private economically developed Guangdong and locational advantages of Beijing clearly has the upper hand, Shanghai give far better than down. < p > this year's top ten rich, although there is no diamond bachelor, but adult rich second generation, in addition to married Xiangjian he Jianfeng, and two unmarried successor -- < Wang Sicong, born in 1988, net red No.1, father, Wang Jianlin, 1982.6 billion wealth; < zongfuli, born in 1982, white Formica No.1, father Zong, 930 billion wealth. < p > we next look at China's richest 10 resume!

1, Wang Jianlin / Wang Sicong: come on, do the culture of this new wine!

Wealth: 198 billion 260 million yuan

male / male

1954 born in Sichuan in October /1988 in Dujiangyan was born in January in Liaoning Dalian

graduated from Dalian Army College of University College London /

/ major company headquarters: Wanda Group, Ma Huateng

2 / Beijing: social + entertainment, with you

Wealth: 136 billion 610 million yuan

male born in Guangdong in October 1971 Chaozhou

graduated from the Shenzhen University Department of computer

company / Tencent holding Shenzhen / Guangdong headquarters:

3, Ma Yun: each circle has a wealth of 125 billion 660 million yuan

: Ma Yun

male born in Zhejiang in September 1964 Hangzhou

graduated from the Hangzhou Normal University

/ major company headquarters: Zhejiang / Hangzhou Alibaba

4, Zong Qinghou: 90 for the favor of the elderly fighter

property Rich: 93 billion yuan

male born in Jiangsu in November 1945

in Suqian, graduated from the Hangzhou University Amateur workers

mainly company headquarters: Zhejiang Wahaha Group / Hangzhou

5, Robin Li Baidu: find another pivot

Wealth: 88 billion 520 million yuan

male was born in November 1968 in Shanxi Yangquan

graduated from New York State University at Buffalo

company headquarters Baidu / Beijing:

6, Lei Jun: air fast bowler

Wealth: 73 billion 920 million yuan

male was born in December 1969 in Hubei Xiantao

graduated from the Wuhan University to company headquarters: millet technology / Beijing

7, Ding Lei: improper martyrs these years

Wealth: 68 billion 490 million yuan

male born in Zhejiang in October 1971 and graduated from the University of Electronic Science and technology of Ningbo

/ total company Department: NetEase / Guangdong Guangzhou

8, the He Xiangjian family: when the enterprise in the Internet, and the two generation

encounter financial wealth: 65 billion 800 million yuan

male was born in October 1942 in Guangdong Shunde

company headquarters: Midea Group / Guangdong / Shunde

9, the Jia Yueting family: grab every piece of screen

Wealth: 64 billion yuan

male in February 1973 born in Shanxi, Xiangfen province

graduated from the Shanxi School of Finance and taxation

company headquarters: LETV /

10 / Beijing, Xu Jiayin sent the

regression: see wealth: 58 billion 600 million yuan

male was born in October 1958 in Henan Zhoukou

graduated from the Wuhan University of Science and Technology Department of metallurgy

company headquarters: Hengda Group / Guangdong / Guangzhou

source: new wealth,

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