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After graduating from high school

if you do not follow the routine life trajectory study in University

to begin to work, to join the army and even wandering, meditation


but, suddenly one day you suddenly want to go back to the university campus

started this time another life or study plan

, you have more and better choices?

today we will introduce a non graduating high school students of the school entrance selection - Columbia University. School of General Studies (hereinafter referred to as GS), a non high school graduates enrolled only the top American Ivy League universities the Academy of sciences.

also, please pay special attention to the Columbia University and the world famous Paris Chengchi University and other prestigious World double degree programs accept high school graduates to apply.

of Columbia University, buddies will not unfamiliar, 2016/17USNEWS ranked fifth, Ivy League, in terms of history, education resources, alumni networks are all very negative the prestigious, 2016 undergraduate application number of 36292 people, 2193 people admitted. The rate of recovery is only 6%, so the competition and popularity are obvious. The Columbia

university has three undergraduate colleges, namely: Columbia college, The School ofEngineering and Applied Sciences, Columbia University School of General Studies.

Columbia University School of GeneralStudies is above us when it comes to the one and the only one in the United States, offbeat schools in the school specially for non graduates.

says that GS admissions can be traced back to the end of World War ii. Since the end of World War II the emergence of a number of outstanding personnel needed for war education delay, Columbia University set up a Columbia University School of General Studies school in July 1947, specifically for this part of recruit talents. In December 1968, the University Board granted GS a bachelor's degree in BS and BA. Despite the objections of some members of the Columbia University Institute, which was approved by the board in February 1969, GS became the official Graduate School of columbia.

1991, Columbia College, ColumbiaUniversity School of General Studies (GS) and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences The Faculty of with Arts & Sciences, which marks the integration of the three academic college. Both CC and GS students will receive a bachelor's degree in BA from the Columbia University and GS is recognized as one of the two official liberal arts schools at the Columbia University.

GS accounts for nearly 30% of Undergraduates in Columbia University, and academic achievement of GS students has maintained the highest average grade. GS has fully integrated into the traditional undergraduate courses at Columbia University and shared the same undergraduate dormitory, core curriculum and faculty with Columbia University. Among the undergraduates at Columbia University, the average achievement of GS students is the highest. There are many GS students who have won prestigious scholarships, including Rhodes scholarship, Gates Cambridge scholarship and Fulbright scholarship. Since 2010 (until 2017), GS is the Columbia University's only undergraduate student trained in Rhodes scholarship. The quality of students is also quite good. Applicants at the

GS Institute are also eligible to apply for full-time or Part-time students at the Columbia University. In 2016, the GS college had a 20% percentage of Part-time students.

GS" famous alumni include Nobel prize winner Amelia Earhart and Amelia Earhart, Isaac Asimov, J.D. and princess Salinger, Baruj Benacerraf and jordan.

GS awarded more than 70 major bachelor of Arts degree. All students must complete core courses, including university writing, literature / Humanities, contemporary civilization / Social Sciences, art, humanities, music, humanities, global core, quantitative reasoning, science and foreign languages. In addition to a bachelor's degree, GS also offers a combination of undergraduate / graduate degree and Columbia Law School of dental medicine, business, social work, international and public affairs, teachers college, College of physicians and surgeons, and the Columbia University double degree undergraduate business school project, engineering and applied science, the Jewish Theological Seminary, Columbia University and the University of France double bachelor project.

" at the same time, GS is also innovative, GS is the Columbia University Double Degree Programme in the history of the birthplace of GS double degree courses at the Columbia University and the university two years of cooperation, can obtain two school literature / Bachelor of Science degree and GS; Institut D'Etudes Politiques De Paris, City University Hong Kong, Dublin University of Trinity College (University College of Dublin) and the Jewish Theological Seminary opened a double degree programme
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