Speed collar! Baby sleep all night trick

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for the new mother, how to let the baby go to bed early and sleep until dawn, is quite a headache. Because the baby's sleeping habits are not regular, they still need to be patiently trained and adjusted by their mothers...... So the question is, what good method, can help your baby to sleep as soon as possible and sleep all night? "


1. China vision since

has been gently rocked back and forth, gently rocking the baby, are considered to be coaxed the gold rule of sleep.

it is said that this is because shaking will let the baby back in Mommy's tummy feeling, in order to get more sense of security. But for a long time purely manual shake baby can not easily, we "weak" new mother may wish to use some parenting magic weapon.


recommended: Fisher multifunctional baby chair, soft natural swing can help baby to sleep, multi angle adjustment can prolong the service life and adapt to the game, feeding and other daily needs.

2. slightly tuned dark lights,

good sleep requires proper light and sound conditions.

if you often turn off the headlights before going to sleep, and let the baby fall into the dark instantly, not only can not train the baby's drowsiness, but also make the baby feel safe.

more "comfortable" approach is to advance the baby opening night light, let the baby sleep well prepared. In addition to the ordinary family of light, are designed specifically for baby products is also very good!

: O Li Luo fire rabbit G7 teaching machine "img_box"

recommended: a Li Luohuo rabbit G7 fire early, night light soft can give the baby a comfortable sleep high fidelity sound environment, can give the baby to play bedtime stories and lullabies.

3. ready to sleep partner

had said the mother, her baby was particularly large, must hold to sleep, put a cry, what could you do?

in fact, mothers can prepare a sleep partner for the baby, for example, to appease the doll. Ordinary plush toys there is a risk of hair loss, if the baby was sleeping after inhalation of plush is very dangerous, so when the mothers have to be careful to buy, soft hair well.

jellycat::: British shy pink tulip Bunny

recommended: jellycat shy pink tulip Bunny feel soft and comfortable, not easy to deformation, the explosion of baby stars.

don't worry

4. sucking pacifier pacifier will lead to the baby because buck teeth, this is related to the frequency of use. The normal use of pacifiers can help the baby as much as possible to relieve the emotion, so that the baby in the suction process to obtain a huge, incomparable security, so as to quickly sleep. But after the best sleep out nipple!:

NUK comfortable type silicone pacifier

recommended: NUK comfortable type silicone pacifier, food grade material entrance more peace of mind, vent design can avoid prolonged left red marks on the baby mouth.

baby rearing process, although difficult, but it is full of sweet. Dear all, dear mother, do you have any tips for sleeping? Would you like to share with us?.

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Speed collar! Baby sleep all night trick

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