Mobile phone Chinese plummeting share! Samsung this response absolutely!

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qudongzhijia· 2017-08-24 12:25:03

After the

Note 7 explosion, the Chinese people on the Samsung mobile phone heat down to freezing point. According to data released by market research firm Counterpoint, Samsung smartphone market share in China in the second quarter of this year is only 3%, has become a very small minority. In the second quarter of 2013, its share was as high as 20%.

, head of Samsung's mobile business high Dongzhen (DJ Koh) said in a CNBC interview: "in the past three years is a very difficult time, but I want to say is, Chinese market is one of the most important markets in the world, we will recover, and in all Chinese. "

Dongzhen said:" can not say a hundred percent confidence, but the Galaxy S8 before the release, Samsung Chinese share in the high-end market has been significantly improved . "For the just released Note 8, Qualcomm is really very promising, that will be loved by Chinese consumers.

currently, Samsung has streamlined the mobile phone products market in China, mainly S, Note and J series, focusing on high-end market.

what are the most important issues that need to be addressed in China? I think I've solved everything, ! "High Dongzhen said.

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