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5 June 6, titled as "the northern suburb of Xi'an, Weimar Futian kindergarten and tape Fengzui, pins and needles toddler incident" the net posts has aroused the concern of many users. On the morning of the same day, 13 children parents gathered in Xi'an Weiyang District Futian kindergarten third park, for their children in school during the body appear the unknown pinhole, the zoo to explain.

5 June 6, Xi'an mother network exposed "the northern suburb of Xi'an, Weimar Futian kindergarten and tape Fengzui, pins and needles toddler incident". Net post also appeared a handwritten note, its content is "Wei I *, Futian kindergarten is an English teacher Wei Mayuan, Futian kindergarten small class of several small friends implemented tape Fengzui, don't let the children speak, little friend fingers, legs and body parts such as behavior with a needle, and don't let the children cry. "That was dated May 4, 2016, and signed below also press the red handprint. < p > net posts is allotted three photos, two of them are children leg suspected pinhole photos, a for parents in front of the kindergarten pull banners rights photos.

then what is the situation?

5 March 6 in the afternoon at 4 am, the reporters came to located in Fengcheng nine road of Weimar Residence District, Wade things kindergarten is in this district, named for Xi'an Weiyang District Futian kindergarten third park. Several parents came to pick up the child's parents are talking about the matter in a whisper. < p > a middle-class parents told reporters, exposed to the kindergarten such things, she felt very worried, do not know their children has suffered a teacher of such "treatment". 20 afternoon, more and more parents of children, kindergarten school time, large and middle shift children continue to be parents picked up. The reporter learned that someone's class the parents send their children to the park are not. < p > the zoo: monitor displays no teacher abuse children < Xi'an evening news reporter through the guard contact park. Soon, surnamed Zhang, director of the iron gate across the accepted reporter's interview. "I am very sorry, because my lawyer is not there, I can not answer your question, as to the progress of things you can go to the public security bureau to understand. "Zhang Yuanchang told reporters, the three time it is very sorry. According to the Zhang Yuanchang, the kindergarten opened a total of five classes, 127 children, which large classes, shift each one, small 3. Involved in children are small children in small classes. And involving teachers wie small assistant, born in 1993, with English education certificate, and through the pre job training of kindergarten, after passing the comprehensive performance since mount guard. < p > and the reporter learned that, after the event, May 5, the zoo also to the district police station reported to the police, the day of Weiyang District Education Bureau is also involved in the investigation. 5 June afternoon 5 Xu, a Weiyang District Education Bureau on Futian third kindergarten teachers suspected abuse investigation of children's events also appeared on the Internet, the contents of said: on May 5, Weiyang District Education Bureau received Futian third kindergarten parents call "small class kindergarten Zhou during the nursery, suspected of being the park teacher Wie tape mouth, needle" complaints reflect. District Board of education attaches great importance to immediately arrange for the relevant departments to investigate. < p > the other according to Western news reports, Xi'an Weiyang District Futian kindergarten third park, director of operations Zhang Huailing said, after the incident, the zoo to actively accompany parents transfer of video surveillance. "Surveillance video shows that there is no teacher child abuse behavior in the park. Zhang Huailing told reporters in the west, the kindergarten has a full range of monitoring system, the police have been involved in the investigation, the other people can not view the past audio and video information. < Bureau of Education: that is a teacher by parents forced written < p > to investigate the specific circumstances: "on the morning of May 5, Zhou parents to the park, deputy director of the reflect the kindergarten teachers wie abuse their children, and took out the wie handwritten admitted that he abused Zhou's note. Deputy director of the parents immediately to apologize, and that a thorough investigation of the matter. The garden party asked to understand, the park teacher wie May 4, after work, in Weimar residence district east bus station, Zhou was a mother and three men held hostage to a car, the slap, pierced fingers, forced the writing admit note of child abuse. Wei after the incident did not inform the zoo in time. "

note also mentioned that at present the parties involved to Mingguang Road police station. Garden party request the police to parent holding teachers shall be dealt with, while asking the police to parents said teacher abuse children involved in the investigation. < p > parents worried about children leave psychological shadow < subsequently, the reporters came to the area of Mingguang Road police station, reporters in the doorway met two small class parents and their children. "We are the police received a notice to come for the children to do identification, judgment is not a needle. "The parents of the small class of Ms. Wang told reporters, her children this year, a little more than three years old, this afterwards, under questioning her several times, the child was told her personally teacher used needle two of his knees, can still see a little red. Why is teacher

and needle mouth sticking to the child? Ms. Wang said, after the incident, conclusion that many of their parents asked the child, the teacher with the abuse of children is not a two times, and the period is mainly concentrated in front of the nap, the teacher would turn off the lights, pull a curtain, the paste mouth or needle mode against disobedient children. For the cause of the matter is, May 3, nursery school, Zhouxing parents found their children's pants rotten three holes, under the inquiry said the child is a surname Wei English teacher with a pair of scissors punctured, and often with a needle. So the morning of the second day of Zhou parents give their children through the back garden, forcing the afternoon teacher to write a note. The parents of

small class Zhao told reporters that the child is dreaming by the teacher needle. Ask him to be afraid not? He said he was afraid. Asked him to like not? He said he didn't like it. "I am now most worried about is that the children will not leave psychological shadow. Ms. Zhao holding the son to go to the police station, the son lying on her shoulder crying to go home.

police: is investigating

Xi'an Municipal Public Security Bureau of Public Security Bureau of political science and engineering Hui police officer told reporters, after receiving the report of the parents, the police immediately involved in the investigation, and summoned the teachers and parents involved. < p > he said that due to events that occur before the May Day, the children of the pinhole has a lot of healing, forensic identification has a certain degree of difficulty, involving teacher Wei a report said he has also been the parents of acupuncture treatment. Wei whether the child was ill, we are doing our best to investigate.

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