500 strong private enterprises which most profitable? HUAWEI earns the most

HUAWEI Biguiyuan Guangdong private enterprises

21shijijingjibaodao· 2017-08-24 19:54:11

which private enterprise is the most profitable?

according to the August 24th National Federation released the report, the top 500 private enterprises in 2016 net profit of 835 billion 495 million yuan, an increase of 19.76%, is the highest peak since 2011, an increase of 2.09 percentage points in 2015.

among them, the 500 largest private enterprises in the most profitable is HUAWEI holding company, in 2016 net profit reached 37 billion 52 million yuan. In the top 500 private enterprises in the top 20 profit, the fastest growth in net profit is Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, an increase of 147.66%, and net profit reached 11 billion 710 million yuan.

2016 years, rapid growth of net profit of private enterprises and cedar Holdings Group, Lenovo Group, Guangdong Wen's food group, Hengli Group, HNA Group, Biguiyuan, year-on-year growth rate reached 112.87%, 111.49%, 97.22%, 54.87%, 44.48%, 40.69%.

2016, 500 private enterprises, the tax net profit of more than 10 billion companies, 9, an increase of 1 over the previous year. Including HUAWEI holding company, Vanke, Dalian Wanda, Hengda Group, Midea Group, Biguiyuan, Guangdong, Wen and Zhejiang Jilin holding group. In the top 20 of the net profit, 7 were manufacturing enterprises, accounting for 35%. Real estate enterprises reached 6.

in addition, in 2016, the total assets exceeded 100 billion yuan, a total of 50 enterprises, an increase of 16 compared to 2015, an increase of 47.05%. Hengda Group Co., Ltd. to 1 trillion and 350 billion 868 million yuan scale, ranked first in total assets. In

2016, the number of Listed Companies in the third industry increased for five consecutive years, from 117 in 2012 to 154 in 2016, with an increase of 31.62%. Among them, Suning holding group won the top 100 private enterprises in the service sector. The proportion of the total assets of the third industries rose to 58.75%, again more than second industries.

, while the number of Listed Companies in the second industry declined for five consecutive years, down from 380 in 2012 to 341 in 2016, a decrease of 10.26%. In the 500 strong enterprises, the manufacturing sector is still the main body, the number of finalists reached 285, representing a decrease of 6 in 2015, accounting for 57%.

the report pointed out that in 2016 the top 500 private enterprises, labor costs, tax burden, the financing difficulties of financing and the lack of domestic market demand "difficult" issues are still outstanding, to a certain extent affected the development of.

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