Aircraft carriers: crashing or sailing in the waters within three months

Combat Liaoning Chinese Navy Navy

micaihujunshi· 2017-08-24 20:02:20

" according to media reports, China is building aircraft carriers have begun to drain the bow, it is reported that the first 002 aircraft carrier open after the model continues to grip outfitting, visible in certain parts of the bow in the washing chain, and began lifting large phased array radar this represents the domestic carrier, has reached the final stage of construction, began to drain on the bow, and the lifting of phased array radar under the condition of sea carrier is likely within two months. Finally, after delivery to the Chinese Navy, it will take about one year or so for the navy to be delivered to the Navy, and after the delivery of the Navy, it will take some time for ship machine integration training to achieve a real sense of combat effectiveness.

relative to the construction speed of the Chinese Navy, needless to say, the construction of the "blue sky guard" number of the India Navy, even the construction of "Queen Elizabeth" of the British can not be compared. After the carrier service, will be together to perform combat missions and has served the Liaoning aircraft, two aircraft carrier combat jump while compared to the U.S. "Nimitz" aircraft carrier is far from, but is already the world's second largest maritime strike force has no doubt. The number of the three generation machine of a medium-sized country 60 f 15 aircraft carrying two aircraft carriers has been better than the India, to know even the country, also only has more than 200 Su 30 fighter, the MIG 29K aircraft in the Vic Rama TIA equipment almost didn't have to the sea combat capability, not to mention the 15 fighters like Mount heavy anti-ship missile mission.

" aircraft carriers early last year has been largely completed the ship body structure, in fact it can be launched, but because the pre outfitting can effectively shorten the time of outfitting installed aboard the aircraft carrier, so the main structure construction after the completion of the full pre outfitting for nearly 5 months before entering the water in the water phase, and fourth months after basically has completed the construction, use only 4 years, Chinese built a ship loaded with a displacement of up to 60 thousand tons of giant aircraft carrier.

and the most important is not built, but the next training ship sea trial and sea trial machine integration, the most important projects are ten major categories of thousands of small classes, only the power system requires a lot of aspects of the test, the most important of which is no doubt the reliability and adaptability of the test, such as China's Liaoning aircraft has conducted several dynamic test, since August 2011 the first aircraft carrier on its own power port, we conducted more than a year of testing before the final delivery Chinese navy.

" because of the "Liaoning" aircraft equipment is relatively backward in Ukraine made steam turbine, so until 2016, "Liaoning" was in full power to 30 hours of continuous carrier navigation, has proved its power the system is very good. The new aircraft carrier used in China is more advanced in the engine, the sea trial stage can do this, in the delivery of troops, training and joint training aircraft carrier battle group warship aircraft also need f 15 aircraft integration, so as to ultimately form a powerful attack capability of aircraft carrier battle group, a two aircraft carrier battle groups strike capability will make China naval combat capability has a leap of improvement.

in addition to the ship has launched the domestic carrier, China is building the aircraft carrier is the most large battleship catapult can enhance the combat effectiveness of our navy, aboard the aircraft carrier catapult may even use nuclear power, fighting capacity has reached the international first-class level.

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