Qatar rebuilt diplomatic relations with Iraq in full disregard of the crisis

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xinhuawang· 2017-08-25 01:04:14

data figure: Qatar Air Force fighter

[global network reporter Li Deyi reported] since June 5th this year, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries have announced with Qatar diplomatic relations, some countries have imposed an embargo blockade of qatar. Although just came to Chad join this "off" the tide of news, but the The Associated Press reported that despite regional disputes with Arabia state Qatar, announced in Iran in August 24th to restore full diplomatic relations.

The Associated Press said the Qatari foreign ministry announced earlier in 24 that the Qatari ambassador to Iran would return to Tehran. In a brief statement, the Qatari foreign ministry also wrote, "Qatar expresses its strong desire to strengthen bilateral relations with Islamic Republic of Iran in various fields.". "

, but American media said that Kadar did not mention the recent diplomatic crisis with the Gulf countries when he announced his decision to resume diplomatic relations with Iran. According to

reports, Qatar in early 2016, the Saudi ambassador to Iran to protest the diplomatic attacks, recalled its ambassador to Iran. Saudi Arabia announced in January 2nd last year the execution of 47 terrorists convicted of crimes, including the famous Shiite cleric Neumeier. Late in the night, a large number of Iran people attacked the Saudi Embassy in Iran. After the attack on the embassy, Saudi Arabia announced that it had severed diplomatic relations with Iran. Subsequently, some regional countries also took diplomatic action against Iran. Qatar recalled its ambassador to Iraq on the 6 day of the month.

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