Under the veil, you'll also play call for the Middle East web frenzy

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understand the global situation in the world, anecdotes, one is enough attention to WeChat (ID:globusnews

) said: the world when I lived for a long time in China Arabia friend Ai Ancheng posted a photo of a video screenshot of the Papi sauce, he instantly understand what I mean, and I said: "we have a lot of red net, like Youtuber. Social media in the Middle East, apart from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and even from China's live software, and thus derived from a group of Internet users from the middle east. According to the Forbes Middle Eastern version of Arabia national statistics, the amount of fans up to 10 Youtuber, 8 from Saudi Arabia, up to 3 million 700 thousand fans, even in the relatively less stable in Syria, there are also fans of the amount of Youtuber reached 820 thousand.

" has 820 thousand subscribers in Syria Youtuber, Assala

Chinese mobile phone brand to find the 6 Ins network to the latest mobile phone red endorsement

a China mobile phone brand in major social media in the middle of last month released its latest mobile phone the promotional video appeared six faces in the video, according to the official mark, found that six had net red figures, they Instagram have at least 37 thousand fans, the largest is 1 million 450 thousand, three of them from Saudi Arabia, three from Dubai.

according to Internet World Stats website data show that the Middle East Internet users accounted for 57.4% of the total population in the region, while the global average Internet users accounted for only 49.2%. A product that wants to advertise in Arabia is becoming the first choice for those who are more active in online social media than on the screen.

read this in six for Instagram accounts, basically can be called the Middle East fashion, some for Du Gabbana (D&G) through the show, some represent Pepsi, and recently very popular "toxic makeup" lovers.

"brand endorsement of the mobile phone enthusiasts Tamara

poisoning makeup" most fans from Saudi Arabia brothers (Saudireporters), two people each have about 1600000 fans, fans of the total of more than 5 million plus public account. Two brothers, one named Abdul Aziz, the other one is Abdullah, two people in six years ago because of a "sell onions" in the street video and overnight explosion of red, six years issued a total of 127 video, each one is to watch the amount of one million. One of the video content is the hottest two brothers make food and taste, from their exaggerated expression can be seen basically everything is dark cuisine, visitors exceeded 8 million 800 thousand, while only 3 million of their Youtube fans.

is the latest video within a week soon exceeded the million, is about they spent a day in the woods, a lot of earthworm found during a go and try to eat.

" Saudi two brothers first video screenshots and the latest video screenshot

official media call for her Call Saudi women red

< p> from Saudi Arabia 22 year old girl Njoud Youtube is also the Reds, with 1 million 400 thousand fans. Saudi Arabia's official media, the Arabia satellite television station, introduced the net in 2016, calling it a "Saudi Arabian wave" on the Youtube". Video content released by

Njoud is associated with life or comedy, of which the highest 3 million views, one is from Solo Pants users English message at the bottom of this video: "I and the Arabs get along very well, I am also Arabs but I (for video) comments very disappointed it has been said, here is the holy land there is holy land, but we can't decide what is allowed and what is not allowed, there is no way to determine the others to go to heaven or hell, no way to determine their religious beliefs, why can't we calm down, let the girl to do the things they want to do. Everyone says the Arabs are honest and aggressive, and that's understandable. "

this comment has been 147 points, second only to" laugh "at first sight this comment on her first, at the same time blogger Njoud will also be the top, so we can see the words got the Saudi girl and numerous netizen recognition.

Arabia TV station has released Njoud on twitter

according to the Saudi media Saudi Gazette reported that the growth of 50% Saudi people spend time on YouTube between 2014 and 2015, the per capita viewing time is among the highest in the world.

in addition to Njoud, there are a lot of women from the Middle East, who show the creation of the Middle East and Western desserts, and teach women how to make up and how to match clothes.

Youtube the Middle East and North Africa director Diana Baddar said in an interview, "it's nice to see these women's hard work can be hard data that they constantly update their content or creativity is not only useful to reflect.

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Under the veil, you'll also play call for the Middle East web frenzy

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