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1915, Lincolnshire Belton Park, the Royal Regiment of the 131st gun machine gun company is in training.

" they use is the Vickers MK1 style 0.303 inch medium machine gun, the gun gun is definitely the main British army in the two world war. Improved by the British Vickers company on the basis of the Mark machine gun, it was once called the Vickers - Mark machine gun. In November 1912, the British were formally equipped with the gun, and it was not until 1968 that the Vickers machine gun was officially retired. Since then, the gun has continued to be used in some Commonwealth countries for some time. In 1972, during the India Pakistan war, the Pakistan army finally used the gun.

Albert Vickers is responsible for the modification of the original Mark Maxim machine guns, mainly is the reverse locking mechanism, the weight and ease of mass production, the final production in 1912. In the Second World War, the Vickers machine gun was an antique for the last century. It uses the bottom edge of the 0.303 inch ammunition, through a cloth woven with bullet ammunition, which meet the technical conditions in its design. But it brings a series of complicated problems, such as the complexity of processing technology, and the high precision of many parts.

, except for a bit stale, the reliability of the Vickers machine gun is what all soldiers dream of. In one battle, 10 Vickers machine guns fired 1 million rounds in 12 hours, averaging 10000 rounds per hour. Although this period has replaced 100 barrels, the use of cooling water as its number, but no one stuck. But I am afraid that many modern machine guns are unmatched.

" in World War II to British Vickers gun tactics are usually prepared, each infantry battalion is owned by 4 to 6 is composed of Vickers gun machine gun platoon, in general by a sergeant in command of the 2's, because the 2 machine guns to provide intensive fire support in most cases. In addition, there are Vickers machine gun battalion, according to the "33 system", has 3 companies, each affiliated 3 platoon, each platoon is equipped with 6 Vickers machine guns, so that the whole camp has 54.

" with 3 people per gun gun, the gun to split into three pieces of main components for everyone with motor. A lot of Vickers machine guns were mounted on general-purpose crawler trucks to carry enough cooling water and a lot of ammunition. Even the British paratroopers are split into several parts of the Vickers gun, mounted on the legs, fight airborne to the destination.

programmed into Vickers machine guns will increase slightly in order to carry more ammunition. One thing to note is that Vickers is a water-cooled machine gun, so make sure that there is enough water to cool the barrel at any time and place. The Vickers machine gun has few modifications. Type Mk.I was formally equipped with British troops in November 12, 1912 and was not decommissioned until March 30, 1968. It became a standard ground support weapon.

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