An innovative code behind the birth of a tactics"

Haikou Yinchuan submarines Navy

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" in the Lanzhou ship gun command room, gun captain Lin giant command ship artillery gunner, validation of new tactics. Wang Dong, Yu Lin photo behind

a tactics of the birth of "innovation password"

- reporter Duan Jiangshan Chen Guoquan correspondent Wang Dong

aimed at opponents of innovative tactics in order to identify the direction of

is important for innovative tactics, as deputy chief of training, Shi Yi felt the most intuitive.

years ago, a detachment of naval destroyers organized a confrontation exercise. Stone ships sail with Yinchuan.

in the confrontation with the submarine, the Yinchuan ship followed the previous approach to suppress opponents. Because the equipment performance of both sides has changed, the tactics failed to give full play to their operational effectiveness, leading to the defeat of the Yinchuan ship.

"sword changed, the opponent has changed, the battlefield environment has changed, we must follow the change and innovation of swordsmanship. "Shi feel the urgency of innovative tactics," must be clear who is a potential rival, must grasp the other equipment base. If there is no such situation awareness, do not know what to fight, can not be innovative tactics, the risk of future operations have failed. "

for the team, not lack of awareness of the enemy. They face a murky sea situation, almost every day in the confrontation with various potential rivals.

Shi said: "the soldier should hear the war is hi. Knowing who the potential opponent is, as long as we grasp the characteristics of the task, we can find the breakthrough direction of the innovation of tactics. In order to improve the quality and efficiency of the tactics,

set up a special research office of tactics".

at a seminar on tactics research, the detachment leader pointed out, "at sea, close to the enemy, we must master the tactics that the enemy can not drive second guns.". "

along this line," a member of tactics research room "in-depth analysis of the enemy situation, and ultimately determine a topic of innovative tactics and clear research direction, new tactics.

based on equipment, in fact, can find ways to innovate, explore the path,

direction, where is the way?

seminar in "tactics research room", Haikou ship captain Fan Jigong to take delivery of the new tactics research task. Subsequently, he repeatedly convened the staff backbone meeting, and ultimately decided to base equipment, starting with combat data, looking for innovation breakthrough tactics. The acquisition and analysis of

combat data are long and difficult.

fan Jigong recalled, after six months of accumulation of operational data has considerable scale. The soldiers are optimistic that, as long as through the analysis, the data hidden in the law soon on new tactics and breakthrough point the day and await for it. But in fact, they used various methods of analysis to fight day and night, but found that the data presented by the law is not strong.

during that time, the staff were baffled: "is there any key variable that has been overlooked?" "They once again for data recovery disk, and conducted several rounds of shooting, continue to verify all kinds of conjecture.

the most obscure error can affect the whole situation. "Jigong Fan said, after repeated calculation, the neglected variable was" pulling out ". The slight difference in this variable can lead to changes in the performance of Shipborne weapons. Although this change is not obvious, but under the complex and changeable battlefield environment, it will disturb the operation efficiency.

key nodes like this are being broken one by one. Haikou ship crew has on the data analysis report for the 12 time to modify the calibration, gradually coming out of chaos and the fog data, seize the key clue of new tactics, tactics has gradually matured.

in the detachment for the training division office, Shi Yi told reporters dozens of pages of combat data analysis report. The report condensed more than a year's training and training data for Haikou ships, as well as a large number of calculations and analysis by officers and men.

"with this report, the new tactics can be basically shaped.". "Shi Yixin says joyfully. Winning the

battlefield is the basic standard to test the new tactics, and the "road" of

tactics innovation has finally gone through, at least in theory, it is feasible. But can this tactics stand up to actual combat?

at the beginning of this year, in distant oceans, Haikou ship alarm suddenly rang. The soldiers through the cabin, rushed to his position. With a "fire" command issued, 3 floating targets were instantly sunk.

Haikou ship practice captain Zhang Zongtang excitedly said: "this new approach with rapid and efficient implementation of the operational objectives, did not give the opponent 'breathing opportunity.". "

fan Jigong put down the telescope, are very excited. He believes that this method is of great practical value, and provides valuable reference for the innovation of other tactics.

new tactics through the actual verification, the entire detachment are encouraged. The detachment will promote new tactics in the whole detachment, and carry out more extensive actual combat verification.

not long ago, the detachment of more than one ship to sea training. According to their equipment performance and combat data accumulation, officers and soldiers have made adaptive improvements to the new tactics.

at last, this tactics has played its proper operational effectiveness on all types of ships, and fully proved the practicability and popularization of the innovation of this method.

news sent back to the detachment, stone excitedly rubbed hands. He intends to draw up a report, report the situation to the fleet, and suggest that...

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