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subfamily (YAKOMA STATUS AXE) axe horse

which is located in the Central African Republic (CAR) a weapon of the subfamily horse race used, the population accounted for only 4% of the total population of the country, is located in Wheeler and MPO (Welle and Mbobou rivers Lu River Interchange).

" (MABO THROWING BLADE) Lasiosphaera scraper

this is a very rare type of throwing knife the main part of the cutter head is similar, sharp spear like shape, the opposite direction is like an arrow and arch bending extending out of the knife. The main material is iron and copper, originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lasiosphaera culture, length is 42 cm, 34 cm wide, no stent to support or hold, presumably in the first half of twentieth Century can be traced back to.


18 knife in the early 20th century, Manbitu people composed of many small tribes, they encountered many of the Bantu tribes in the North South process in (Bantu), and the two group jointly formed tribal alliance, and to rule other stray tribes. Because of its understanding of iron and copper, Manbitu manufactured weapons and exquisite decoration, so they have more military and economic advantage over neighboring countries.

" (TETELA KNIFE) special broach

on each side of the blade edges are decorated with cutting the handle is in the saddle line, form cone is divided into two parts, but the weight is evenly distributed, and do not put too much emphasis on the one end, deep rust colored delicate elements this blade adds rich connotation. According to

, the use of tetela is often some slave traders, they not only by the raid, but also with tetela out some old and sick slaves in transit.


Kresh is inspired by a wrought iron knife throwing design Throwing Knife and, although originated in Africa, but they were probably created by alien tribes.

" (Yajian Pakistan GBAYA SWORD

Yajian Pakistan) is usually high quality double-edged sword, blade side forging lines and hollow blade grooves, the back is flat, like a throwing knife, thin copper wire is later added.

" (Dakota knife KOTA KNIFE)

Dakota knife more often in other art, animal modeling. The following are the fish and bird beak type.

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" Anti Japanese broadsword is a myth?

on the "day ocean with the Japanese saber

ring Dao Han Jian Mo Dao Tang scourge and mace hook insert light Lu Ma Shuo Shu west iron axe hammer sword PuDao Terracotta Army bronze sword bow bow China sickle Qing traditional small Ming

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