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Signal 4G Shanghai Disney

ITzhijia· 2016-05-08 07:51:58

5 August 8 news, now people more and more like carrying self timer lever travel. However the existence of the self timer lever often will lead to some of the potential risk, especially in some crowded, more children playground, self stick very easy to cause accident. Now Shanghai Disney said, will be a comprehensive ban on the use / carry self timer. Class= img_box "

yesterday, the French Paris Disney Park and Hongkong Disney Park in, China, the use of a complete ban on the use of self artifact. After a day, the United States of America's 2 Disney park first to implement this new global deal Disney. It is understood that the Shanghai Disneyland will be the implementation of this policy in the park after. Disney said that the ban on the use of the self timer is to consider the safety of tourists and play staff.

for the total ban on the use of the self timer in the park, Disney, a spokesman for the company said the self timer pole for tourists and Disney play staff security risks increasingly serious. But Disney did not disclose whether the accident caused by the self timer, only that this is a risk prevention measures. < p > yesterday (7 days), the Shanghai Disneyland start internal operational test and went to the barracks of the reporter, warned that the queue admission of the security of tourists need to open the view package, Disney prohibited self stick into the scene tourists because of the self timer lever is stopped by. In addition, according to the reporter, Disney small town 4G signal full coverage.

it is reported that the invitation to participate in the Shanghai Disney resort internal operations testing phase of the staff only including Vacation District play staff, as well as some of the resort partners and related parties. Not all facilities and services are tested during the internal operation test.

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