The Americans were tough on the collision! Jin Yinan: ha ha, good luck!

American forces good luck events destroyer No.

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Chinese sound "Defense Space" August 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhou Yuting): the United States Navy "Mccain" missile destroyer No. 21 in the morning local time, in the waters near Singapore collided with a merchant ship, the accident caused 10 American crew missing, and another 5 people were injured. 22, the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet commander Scott Swift, in Singapore the United States warships collision event held a press conference, said that some of the missing sailors remains have been found, the U.S. will conduct a thorough investigation of the cause of the accident. The collision accident is more than two months since the US Navy's seventh fleet in the Pacific waters of the second American ships collision, why always bumps accidents? This is the topic of today's "one South military forum".

", "hit the ship" scene picture.

anchor: No. 21 in the morning after the collision, the U.S. Navy has not announced the cause of the accident, and now the national media on the matter that the United States and some There were many discussions., in violation of the rules, do not keep sailing discipline, some believe that the U.S. is rampant in the Asia Pacific region has been a long time, the formation of long-term hegemony affects the safety of driving, some think may be a mechanical failure, and even made the conspiracy theory, that is the enemy interference satellite navigation equipment on U.S. warships. What was the cause of the collision? What do you think of Professor Nan?

Jin Yinan: the conspiracy theory is difficult to stand up, the level of technical operations, especially in the United States Navy, he is a world power, swim in the oceans Months and years pass by., technical failure possibility is very small. Unlike some young navies, he has just stepped onto the ocean. Charts, hydrographic data, ocean currents, reefs, shoals, and port facilities are less clear. This has absolutely no problem for the American armed forces with global reconnaissance equipment and the United States for decades or even hundreds of years of navigation experience. So where did the problem occur? The ship operator has a lot of trouble. Americans under the "freedom of navigation" support, American swagger before others too much, ignoring a lot of rules.

, US Navy, commander of Pacific Fleet, Scott Swift. After a series of ship collision incidents in the United States, Canada disclosed the actual radio telephone copy of a telephone conversation between the Canadian Coast Guard in and the US naval vessels in October 1995. At that time, Canada warned the Americans continuously, "please change your course to 15 degrees south to avoid collision.". "Look, the American side replied," I suggest you change your course to 15 degrees north to avoid collision. ". The Americans also emphasized, "this is the captain of the U.S. Navy ship. I'll say it again. Canada changes your course.". "Canada is also very tough," said "change your course, you see the answer very sharp:" this is the United States Navy aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, the United States of the Atlantic fleet, second fleet, US destroyers, three cruisers and multi support vessel together with three, I want to ask you to change course 15 degrees to the north. I, again, otherwise we will take counter measures to ensure the safety of the fleet. As a result, the Canadian side replied, "here is the lighthouse. Please change your course.". "This later make a big joke, this is the lighthouse, you don't change course hit up, you see the Americans did not say clearly in Canada, you change course 15 degrees to the south, not my problem is you 15 degrees to the north, you let me, I will not let you. The hegemonic mentality of the American people almost made a carrier formation hit with a lighthouse, which was beyond the naval code and common sense of navigation. This is a regional hegemony, world hegemony mentality, is the two meet, you must let me, I is the United States navy.

from the US review, we can see that the crew members are too good at handling the ship and feel good about themselves. For example, the reason why the United States continues to break through the South China Sea is called "freedom of navigation". I would like to note that you are not sailing all the world's waterways. You do whatever you like. You must comply with the channel rules, must comply with the two ships met to avoid collisions, not only do you Americans have the freedom to freedom of navigation, no people free, if you don't obey the rules, you will finally lose.

" host: within a year, the U.S. Navy seventh fleet under the jurisdiction of four ships have occurred three times sailing accident, collision, stranding a. In the early morning of June 17th, the Fitzgerald destroyer collided with a Philippines merchant ship near the sea of Japan, injuring three people and missing seven. In May 2017, during the US South Korean military exercise, the American Champlain Lake destroyer was scratched by a South Korean fishing boat in the South Sea area of Ulleungdo, South korea. In August 1st, the U.S. Navy, Sam missile destroyer, a sailor missing in the waters of the South China Sea, so frequent accidents, it is difficult to completely explained by chance. So, do you think there is a problem in the deep level of training and management?

Jin Nan: Yes, I think the world military personnel have a common characteristic, the soldiers do their own job, do a good job training, combat readiness

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