Saudi embarrassment: United States Qatar special forces exercises

Qatar special forces United States military

tengxunjunshi· 2017-08-25 07:20:59

8 20, Qatar, the United States, Qatar, two special forces held joint parachute training.

" this is the first special forces to conduct joint training like this, between Qatar and Saudi Arabian foreign relations so nervous when us such a move, will be seen by the public as the position of the United States is the support of qatar.

" Qatar special forces training and beauty in the same.

, they are on the U. S. air force 746th expedition squadron C-130 "Hercules" transport aircraft.

" and other equipment from the helmet, we can see the difference between the ordinary paratroopers and the special forces. The soldiers on the right wear FAST lightweight helmets, and the left hand has a altimeter.

C-130's tail hatch, such an angle is rare.

, near the parachute area, the rear hatch door open, and the parachute leader check the airspace.

, because of the high altitude, the crew members wear oxygen masks.

, first free jump, the U.S. special forces jumped out of the cabin directly.

" in their free fall after a period of time, and then open the parachute, it can reduce the time, more subtle. Such skydiving is known as "high jump low opening", that is, HALO.

, Qatar special forces also began parachuting, these two equipment is very professional ah.

, let the camera jump first!

", "Hula", a group of people jumped out of the cabin.

", this is the ordinary paratrooper, they use the mandatory parachute.

" out of the cabin, the traction rope pull the chute.

, the safest way to parachute.

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