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huaerjiejianwen· 2017-08-25 09:44:30

" in the recent Q2 earnings, Liu Qiangdong left a suspense to us, "we will be before the end of the month, with the addition of a Internet Co to launch a new plan. "And today, the answer is finally revealed.". The Jingdong formally announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Qihoo 360, jointly launched the "jingky plan".

Jingdong's ambition, will catch the Internet entrance

in 2017 11 before the arrival of the "Beijing X plan" was finally officially surfaced, and the Jingdong also completed a strategic alliance with the Tencent, today's headlines, Baidu and Qihoo 360 four core flow entrance. Specific to the "jingky plan", 360 will set up a shopping entrance "Jingdong special" for the Jingdong, Jingdong, and Jingdong will output to 360 public media platform, the two sides will open resources.

as for Baidu, Tencent, today's headlines have carried out electricity providers to explore, but eventually declared dead. In the final analysis, as search, social and news platforms lack electricity supplier genes. So from this point of view, several major platforms and Jingdong come together, may not only be in order to realize their own surplus flow, the key reason behind is still data.

is the second only to Taobao Tmall business platform, Jingdong holds a large number of users in the consumption level, interest and quality of life data, which is Baidu, Tencent, 360 of today's headlines and several Internet platforms are lacking, which will be able to help them add more accurate analysis of user characteristics. And by opening its own consumer data, Jingdong has gained support for the four major traffic entrances, and ultimately the basic coverage of all Chinese Internet users.

interesting, in the four big partners chosen by Jingdong. Tencent and 360 broke out "3Q war" that changed the trend of Chinese Internet, and finally forced the Tencent Empire to open. And Baidu and 360 pinch each other, staged a "3B war", and eventually 360 search from Baidu body tear a piece of meat. As for Baidu and Tencent, the headlines are on the headlines today, and three companies are important players in the distribution of information on the track. The relationship between

four partners can be said to perplexing, Jingdong of this layout to the outside world have admiration. Through a positive and open mind, today's Jingdong is constantly upgrading its ability to partner with retail infrastructure to drive rapid changes in the Internet retail industry. In the interests and outlet before any difficulties appear to be a paper tiger.

with the deepening of cooperation, perhaps in the future, we in various scenes and various channels, will be able to meet the specific needs of users, see high quality consumer information associated with the Jingdong to see, and to achieve the user anywhere purchase orders.

traffic is not the only target, Ali anxiety may be more urgent

not long ago, the Jingdong will Baidu out of the BAT "caused controversy over a period of time, however, the ecological BAT big three has been a Jingdong do not have. Baidu is no longer a single search company, Ali is not a single electricity supplier companies, and Tencent is not a single game company. But even if Jingdong has developed logistics, finance, home and other business, but we mention Jingdong will still think this is an electricity supplier company.

how to achieve business platform profit in Jingdong is still tangled, Ali is already in the cloud service, artificial intelligence, big data, mobile payment, digital media, online video and social networking platform for the full range of layout. This pattern of differences lead to direct results, Ali's electricity supplier ecology has far deeper moat than Jingdong.

for Jingdong, this is a gap that must be made up. Now the electricity was off costs continue to increase, flow bonus period near the end, business users active degree of stabilization, consumers also tend to be more rational. Whether Jingdong or Ali, will be faced with the bottleneck of online user growth in the future, but also need to find new online consumer scenarios.

force new retail, as well as looking for new traffic portal is imminent. Q2 earnings release in the Jingdong and Ali, we can clearly see the gap between the two companies is more and more big, especially Jingdong GMV growth has been more than Tmall, the capital market of Jingdong have more concerns about the future.

in the Jingdong second quarter earnings, the Jingdong's revenue and GMV are high, but the score is composed of 618 promotions and, at the same time the Quarterly fees and costs are rising sharply, so the final net profit fell nearly 400 million yuan. Earnings day, Jingdong shares plummeted 5%, and after Ali earnings announcement, Jingdong's market capitalization is below $60 billion. The ecological effect of

Ali is playing a huge role, this scene touch up, not only can help Ali active users access to low cost, but the key lies in these scenes generated data can compensate for the lack of electricity consumption data on the scene, and ultimately help Ali established more than business moat.

so it's not difficult to understand why Jingdong, after embracing Tencent, still needs to build partnerships with today's headlines, Baidu, and 360. Only when we combine together can we really integrate shopping, social, search and information and other common scenes so that we can really resist the system created by ali. However, this alliance may not play in the era of consumption upgrades

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