Embassy issued a "security reminder", the media stressed China: excessive interpretation

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[Global Times special correspondent in India Yun Tianming Li Lin] Chinese Embassy in India issued 24 to remind the security of citizens in India China. The wording of the announcement, the validity and timing of the release, the India media to try to figure out. For some speculation and association, the Chinese Embassy in India, the relevant person on the "Global Times" reporter said, "this is just a security reminder, only literal meaning, do not over interpretation.".

"Chinese embassy issued a security alert" new "WION", India news network and other media said 24 days, 24 days China Ambassador Embassy in India issued a reminder, asked the country's citizens pay attention to the local situation and personal safety in India. The announcement reminds Chinese citizens in India and upcoming India to "reduce unnecessary travel", "pay close attention to the local security situation," "travel, pay attention to personal and property security."". Many Indian media mentioned the background of the incident: soldiers in India have been in confrontation in the cave for more than two months; this is the second warning issued by the Chinese Embassy in two months, and the tone is stronger than the reminder in July".

India "Hindustan Times" said, compared to the July announcement is only 1 months validity period, the validity of the notice until the last day of the year December 31st, and China embassy listed in several Chinese citizen security risk factors facing india. India today claims to be curious about the announcement of recent natural disasters, traffic accidents and infectious diseases in India".

the same day, "China criticized India in Ladakh region road" also caused many Indian media attention. At a regular press conference of 24 days, according to India's interior ministry recently approved in the lake near, near the border at highway China reports, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said, "it is their own playing face". She said that the Chinese roads in their own territory, India in the so-called "security concerns" as an excuse to thwart illegal cross-border interference. Now India did, just once again proved that India on issues related to the Sino Indian border always say one thing and do another, inconsistent, contradictory. India's "economic times" and other media also noted that Hua Chunying said, "India move help to ease the current situation in the border areas between the two countries". Media believe that this may refer to the "harm hole Lang situation."".

India's "economic times" another report 24 days are concerned about India's prime minister Modi in his meeting with the Prime Minister of Nepal Deuba after a. Reported that the same day, India and Nepal signed a memorandum of understanding between the 8 bilateral cooperation. Modi said to the media at a joint press conference with Deuba, India and Nepal defense cooperation to maintain border security is very important, "the defense and security cooperation between the two countries is the priority among priorities".

many India media noted that Modi the Deuba is "exceptional reception". In the 24 days before the official talks, Modi on the evening of 23 held an informal meeting at the prime minister's office and deuba.

, however, many Indian media are still worried about Nepal's position. Bhutan and Nepal act as "buffer zones" between India and China, according to today's India. Although Mr Deuba's visit said he was "not allowed to have anti Indian activities in Nepal", he did not express his position on the Sino Indian border confrontation. Earlier this month, Magharah, the foreign minister, said there was no support for either side of the incident, suggesting that China's strategic influence on Nepal is growing.

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