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The baby the newborn is convenient

taipingyangqinziwang· 2017-08-25 11:01:28

many mothers began to pick clothes for their babies before the baby was born, but due to lack of experience, expectant mothers took a lot of detours when buying new clothes. So, what exactly are the clothes for the newborn? Why don't we buy them?.


vision Chinese will buy clothes, look here


underwear underwear; newborn newborn can be divided into integral and split, is generally recommended to buy the Siamese style, easy to wear off, but also to protect the stomach from catching a cold. Choose pure cotton material is the best, and feel soft, no burr edge, smell can not have peculiar smell.

recommended reason: British monk baby clothes, stripe jacquard decorative, safe and stylish, monk robe collar cut, not scraping the baby's chin.


is held by her newborn; mainly to neonatal design, can be tightly wrapped around the newborn's body, let them have a sense of security, mummy surrounded close comfortable, but when the baby can grow up as a common quilt.

mother chooses to be taken, should choose soft and comfortable texture, will not hurt the baby delicate skin, warmth is also higher pure cotton material.

recommended reason: pureborn neonates have been, comfortable and soft fabrics, baby love, strap design, easy to adjust the tightness of the hood design, better Paul Hu Baobao's head.

√ socks

to baby wear small socks, can play a warm role, to avoid catching cold, than simply cover a quilt to be much warmer.

preferred material of cotton socks, cotton socks, thick texture, good comfort, baby wearing comfortable, breathable and good, there is little feet sweat sticky.

recommended reason: small adorable newborn rabbit to wear cotton socks, more breathable, exquisite designs cute baby socks over other points, but also when wearing stockings.

HAT NEWBORN head blood vessels are abundant, and there is no subcutaneous fat protection, fast heat dissipation, if the head is dissipating too much, it may cause the baby body temperature decreased significantly, so the newborns need the right hat to keep warm.

different season should choose different thickness of the hat, and the hat is not suitable too tight, too tight hat, is not conducive to baby head development.

aqpa recommended reason: pure cotton quilt newborn hat, pattern of fresh, lovely image with the baby, according to pull top small baby head size, self regulating, more humane.

do not have to buy clothes, look here

baby baby coat, not lying in bed is holding adults, can cover the quilt lying down, don't worry about being cold, adults holding it, the outside is covered with a layer have been more soft and comfortable, but also warm, so, mom they don't need to buy the coat oh baby.

is not under the newborn shoes to walk, for adults may buy baby shoes just to look good, but the average baby feet have to wear socks, and now more than small socks shoes soft, exquisite pattern is good-looking, so mothers can save money to buy shoes.


baby wears gloves that look like they can protect the skin, but from the point of view of the baby's development, wearing gloves makes the finger movement limited and is harmful to the development of the tactile sensation. Moreover, gloves inside the head off, it is easy to entangle the fingers, affecting the local blood circulation of fingers, if found not in time, may cause finger necrosis.

learned so much about how to buy new clothes for babies. What are you waiting for? Hurry up, baby Amoy suitable Yiyi!

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