Willing to use a child can chengdaqi (parents must read)

A child a parent a mother a boy

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"only pity child, do not want to use the child", this is the love of parents misunderstanding.

actually, if you love children, you should be willing to use them. A man can feel his worth when he is needed by others and given to others.

when a child is used and needed by an adult, he feels how great his young life is, and then feels a deep love and a strong sense of responsibility.

some parents keep their sons as pets and do everything for their children. They never let their son do anything for himself. In fact, the mother's affirmation of the son can best stimulate the boy's potential. To surprise my mother, my son can make a miracle. This drive can make a little boy grow up to be a brave man.

so how should parents use their children?

01. tea and cooking.

, the mother of a boy, used to say this to his son from an early age: "without you, it's different.". "When

was 3 years old, I took him to the bus one day, but when my legs were soft, I didn't get on the bus and nearly fell by the side of the road. My son immediately asked me with concern: "Mom, what's wrong with you?" "

," I said to my son earnestly, "Mommy is holding you and can't get on the bus.". "

son, he jumped to the ground and beat me with his little hand. I stroked his head and said with relief: "you, it's different."! "

son is very proud, never let me hold, and often beat my leg. The summer of the second grade primary school

son, one day I came home from work, his son excitedly with a cup of tea: "Mom, you drink tea! I poured it for you. "

tea is already cold, my stomach is not good, do not drink tea, but I still drink, then contented to say:" you is not the same! It would be better if the tea had been reheated! "

, second days, I'll have a cup of hot tea for my son. When

's son was in grade four, one day his father was on a business trip and his son was happy. I said to him in a difficult way, "you're happy. I'm miserable. I've got to hurry home and cook for you.". "

, who knows," my son patted his chest, mysteriously saying, "Dad is not here, and me?"! "

look at his appearance, I seem to have to rely on", "immediately" to "see light suddenly:"! Yes! And you, you're a man! "

to my surprise, the second day, after school, he came home early, fried two dishes, placed on the plate, also covered with a bowl.". I got home, the son immediately said: "Mom, you go wash your hands, I give you to rice! "

, I'm special" obedient, washed hands, and sat at the table. When my son came to dinner, I ate it in a big gulp.

son looked over and asked in the TV ad: "how does it taste?" "

" tastes great! "I also use" advertising language".

"how about cooking with my father?" "

" is much better than your father's fried dish! "I exaggerate.

in fact, his workmanship is far from his father, and still a bit unfamiliar! But a few years later, my son is a good cook. How eager

's son is to be needed by his mother and affirmed by his mother. The greatness of a mother is not whether she can let her son go to college or study abroad, but that she has a sense of accomplishment in her son, to find her confidence, to find her own self, and to find her parents and society's needs! When he found his parents and society's needs for him, he found a duty, a kind of happiness.

really love children's parents, in front of the son show a little weaker, give the child a little love others opportunities. Don't put yourself as a mountain, as a child as the grass, let the children rely on you, look at you, you do not fear; when the umbrella, the kids are chickens, shelter for the children, let the children fragile.

02., five main elements of public transport.

wants to train the child to be able to adapt to the future society's person, must "range out", cannot "captive", is willing to let go. Especially to cultivate the strong and determined masculinity of boys, giving them a free and independent space from childhood to provide opportunities for exercise, practice and display of skills.

every day to learn the distance, it is to cultivate children's fortitude, and can endure hardship temperament of an excellent opportunity. Let the children exercise themselves up and down school, can let him in the journey to find a lot of fun, but also can increase many textbooks can not go to school of knowledge.

when my son was in primary school, his home was far away from school and it took him more than an hour to get there by bus. From grade three onwards, his son began to squeeze buses to and from school.

one day, he said to me mysteriously, "Mom, I found philosophy everywhere in life.". Just squeeze the bus. There are five main factors. "

, I'm interested." when did my son become a philosopher? Squeezing cars is squeezing experience! Say, I'm all ears! "

son said in the best of spirits he summed up the" five elements ":" first, while waiting for the bus, not the old head toward the car

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