Tian Tianduan: Final Fantasy 15 will not limit the strange "MOD"

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-25 13:38:17

Final Fantasy 15 is going to PC, and many people are concerned with the question: is the game supporting the player MOD? The answer is yes, the game will definitely Tabata end support for MOD, this is the characteristic of PC games, and they do not want to limit too many game player.

, but what if the players do something weird in the game with MOD? Or do some weird "MOD", such as naked MOD or something, which might make the game go badly. In this regard, the game producer Tian said that they have a lot of discussion and Research on this problem, and finally decided to leave the choice to the players themselves.

"(MOD game) is now a game culture, for these people the things he bought, this game is his possession. Although I don't think (naked MOD) is a good thing, but we decided to leave the ethics themselves to choose the game player. My personal principle is to give the player more freedom and limit the amount as much as possible. "

well," Final Fantasy 15 "in 2018 will be landing PC platform, in addition this is still recently published" Final Fantasy 15 pocket edition ", landing iOS Android, and Win10, is expected to launch in the fall.

source: pcgamer

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