By the mouth of the United Nations? India: special envoy for peace talks between China and India

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huanqiuwang· 2017-08-25 16:04:21

" [global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported] June 18th India illegal invasion of Chinese territory, has entered the tenth week. China has maintained a high degree of restraint, and hopes that India can come up with the country should have a responsibility, abide by the law, reasonable attitude, make rational and wise judgment and decision making. In an interview with India today, Jorge Chediek, the UN special envoy for South South cooperation, said he hoped that China and India would resolve tensions through dialogue in a peaceful manner.

, India today reported on August 25th, George Chetic said, "from the United Nations perspective, it is the best situation for all countries to get along with each other.". Cooperation is better than confrontation. We expect China and India to resolve differences in a peaceful way. "The international community has been waiting for signs of easing,"

George Chetic said. "Tension is not good for the two great countries, and the best way is to resolve it through dialogue.". "

global network reporter noted," India today "reports in the interpretation of George Chetic's speech will be the United Nations official statement said," the United Nations has urged both sides to solve the problem through peaceful dialogue". As a matter of fact, the UN official has not made a formal response to the confrontation between the Sino Indian standoff and the so far.

the Chinese side has repeatedly stressed that the cave Lang region belongs to the territory of China, and there is no dispute. The Chinese construction area is entirely located on the Chinese side of the traditional Chinese customary line of Bhutan, and is entirely under the jurisdiction of the Chinese side. There is no violation of the agreement and the destruction of the present situation. The nature of the border incident is very clear, India across the border enter the Chinese territory to block China Normal construction. At present, India is a pressing matter of the moment immediately withdraw the boundary line of the Indian side border personnel.

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