The girl was courting male classmate threw downstairs, died, their families denounced money worship female guess

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2017 in March 21st, Hangzhou, although it has arrived in the spring, but the chill has not dispersed.

in the morning, in a Binjiang District District 19 floor, a 27 year old man, Xue raised a petite girl, directly from the balcony thrown down, the girl died on the spot. According to media reports, the monitoring of the opposite building has taken a cruel scene: two figures on the balcony shake, and soon a figure falls from the balcony, the hair spreads out and another person returns to the room.

the whole process takes only 10 seconds, and the life of a flower dies.

"Shanshan customers according to the" Hangzhou daily "

8 23 July, Hangzhou City Intermediate People's court Xuemou intentional homicide, the case will choose a sentencing date. After the case was reported by the media, the details triggered a heated discussion. Reported that the returnees men Xuemou unrequited love girl 8 years refused, during gave brand-name bags, gifts and red envelopes Medalion spent a total of 40 thousand yuan, and rent a room.

"trial scene diagram according to the Hangzhou daily"

"between the man and the girl Xuemou Shanshan what happened? How about the truth and more details?

today (August 25th), the Red Star News Interview with the parties to share the incident, roommate of the house Xiaomin, the deceased's cousin Lee, trying to restore more details of the event.


flat-share roommate disclosure details Xuemou directly paid 10000 yuan

package and send Xuemou necklace, Shanshan also tried to give him his "

the dead girl Shanshan and Xuemou from Henan, high school. According to roommate Xiaomin recalled, Shanshan told her once, Xue Mou from high school like her, but that the other character is too boring, has not promised his pursuit. University, Shanshan talked about a boyfriend, Xue know no contact with her. Until she graduated from college, she went to work in different places with her boyfriend. After parting, she contacted her again.

during this period, Xue Mou in the United States to go to school, often through the network and Shanshan contact. Early this year, Xue Mou proposed to come back from the United States, to Hangzhou to find a job, and proposed and Shanshan shared together. Xiaomin said, because she and Shanshan is a colleague, just when the house expires, discuss three people sharing together. "Because they are fellow townsman, more familiar, did not think much at that time. "

then, she and Shanshan through the intermediary to see a few houses, and finally chose that place is located on the 19 floor of the house, 3 bedrooms and one living room, Shanshan and Xiaomin rooms have balcony, Xue's second lie, no balcony. Xiaomin remember, rent 5300 yuan per month, a charge of three, plus intermediary fees, she and Shanshan out of 7325 yuan per person, and Xue directly paid 10000 yuan.

"Xuemou after direct transfer 10 thousand yuan to pay the rent for the families of the victims of

finished rent house, Shanshan and Mandy first moved in, Xuemou was admitted at the beginning of February. Xiaomin recalled, Xue Mou has not come back from the United States, had sent a gift to Shanshan, there are cameras, bags and necklaces. Shanshan said he didn't need the gifts and tried to return them to the other party, but the other said it was only a simple gift. It didn't mean anything else.

according to previous media reports, Xue felt that after going to the United States, the relationship with the girl on the "intimate" up. But the girl never recognized him, not to hold hands, most said they would know. The boy's intimacy was "she would tell me what she did in WeChat."".

cousin rumor "material" saying

Xuemou turned red, Shanshan returned

roommate said, Xuemou flowers to buy breakfast, Shanshan lukewarm

Mandy said, after a live in Xue had asked them to eat a meal, but also to the living room to buy a TV set, but she and Xuemou not the exchange, "he will not take the initiative to speak, we only occasionally hit a taxi in the living room. "At first, he was more enthusiastic about Shanshan, and occasionally bought her breakfast, but because Shanshan was cold about him, he did not insist on it.

"Xuemou life photograph see

watermark according to Xiao said, a few days before Valentine's Day 2017, Xuemou in the online order a bunch of flowers to shanshan. He did not personally sent, but by courier delivery to San San hands. Shanshan sign, and conveniently placed flowers in the living room vase, during the period, Xue and San San basically did not speak.

Min Min said, during the 3 people sharing period, Xue often a person to stay in the room, has not found the right job. "When we went to work in the morning, he was in the room and came back in the evening. He was still in the room and ordered takeout when he was hungry.". "

Shanshan's cousin Lee told Star News said in an interview, some netizens said his cousin is a very materialistic person, there is" nonsense "," if she 'matter', he (Xuemou) so rich, directly with him. "Mr. Li said, in February 14th a few days before Valentine's day, Xuemou Alipay turned red 500 yuan to Shanshan, Shanshan found immediately after the back.

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