South Korea earthquake!

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caijingnujizhebuluo· 2017-08-25 23:26:25

for South Korea's economy, this is no less than a big earthquake!

today (August 25th) afternoon, from South Korea came a big news: South Korean Court on Friday announced the results of the "century judgment", Samsung Electronics vice president Li Zairong was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Li Zairong", and this handsome guy is Li Zairong. He was called "the prince of Samsung" and even "Prince of Korea"". Today, the prince of God in the "prison state" period, was sentenced to 5 years in prison!

according to the court, Li Zairong charges are:

for the succession of bribery before President

to support; Cui Shunshi bestie Park Geun hye's daughter;

support to the Korean Equestrian Association in 7 billion 200 million won a horse constitute bribery;

embezzled 6 billion 400 million won, with an equestrian support;

illegal transfer of assets to overseas......

maybe someone will wonder: isn't Samsung the Li Zairong family? How did he take over, need to bribe the park?

according to previously published reports, the story is this: Samsung

after years of development, Lee's stake is being continuously diluted, the current holdings of less than 2% but through some complicated design options to maintain control. In order to ensure the smooth succession of Li Zairong, in 2015, Samsung Electronics's two shareholders company "Samsung products" and "first wool weaving" was reorganized. One of the

Samsung shareholders, U.S. hedge fund Elliott Management has worked to the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea, the high court of Seoul filed a lawsuit against the restructuring, reorganization that violated the interests of other shareholders. The two courts, however, have dismissed applications and appeals from the US hedge fund, ensuring that Lee, and especially Li Zairong, has control over Samsung electronics.

prosecutors believe that the South Korean government support and Samsung Cheil merger, Samsung will return to provide financial assistance to "trusted intervention" event core party Cui Shunshi, and Pu Jinhui himself intervened, suspected of accepting bribes Li Zairong provide a party.

Li Zairong for the prosecution of bribery, embezzlement, illegal transfer of overseas assets, conceal the proceeds of crime and 5 charges of perjury, ad hoc prosecutors proposed earlier sentenced Li Zairong to 12 years in prison.

from the court, there is clearly a lenient sentence means. 5 years and 12 years, the gap is huge.

, but even for 5 years, the negative impact on Samsung is enormous. The South Korean economy, I am afraid it is difficult to bear the impact.

" why do you say so? The reason is simple, Samsung in Han Guotai fierce!

in Korea, there is a saying, Korean life can not do without three things: death, taxes and samsung. This shows that the company's monopoly in South korea. According to the 2015 annual report, Samsung's revenue was equivalent to 13% of South Korea's gdp. If you count the other subsidiaries of SamSung group, the annual operating income is equivalent to about 20% of South Korea's gdp.

in 2012, Samsung has created a record 3.38 times the market value of the stock is equivalent to 5 of Japan's largest electronics giants SHARP, Toshiba, SONY, Hitachi, NEC's total market capitalization.

could say that if Samsung fell, it would set off an economic crisis in South korea!

's so powerful SamSung group was created in 1938 by Li Zairong's grandfather Li Bingzhe (1910-1987 years). Li Bingzhe (see below) was born in Gyeongnam under the Japanese occupation of Korea Uiryeong, although the family in the countryside, but fairly well-off, grandfather is a civilian run their own college.

Li Bingzhe

Lee Bingzhe briefly studies at the Waseda University School of business experience, and later engaged in food processing. Later, he switched to trade: the export of fruit, vegetables and dried fish to Northeast China, thus creating the Samsung chamber of commerce". In 1983, Samsung officially entered the electronics industry. After

Li Bingzhe, his three son Li Jianxi (see below) manages Samsung, through a series of reforms, finally in the early 90s of last century, let Samsung become the world's first-class electronic enterprise. Li Jianxi has repeatedly reached the world's top 100, is the richest man in South Korea for many years unshakable.

Li Jianxi was born in 1942, aged 75, who has been suffering from physical discomfort. So, his only son, Li Zairong (born in 1968), has actually taken over and played an important role.

Li Jianxi

this year, Samsung can alternate between joy and grief. On the one hand, Li Zairong's case is not optimistic, it is difficult to avoid jail; on the other hand, Samsung has also created an unprecedented two Albert

: first, historic Samsung overtook Intel to become the world's largest chip maker; at present, China home appliances, mobile phone, computer chips are basically rely on imports. It is mainly imported from South Korea, Samsung


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