Japanese version of "box office creation", Chinese version, offering date

In Japan the game game player night later

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-26 05:51:05

Sega announced today that a Japanese version of the RPG game, "the creation of the box company", will be released on November 30, 2017, with the corresponding platform PS4.

"as the main damage * * create breeding", in a game player with all the squares of the world, the fight with the enemy, destroy the site, or to collect material for buildings to strengthen the stronghold. The stage of the game "(Klause Ende lumira, or in the Internet have no) is a" world, there are many islands floating in the air, and each island has its own unique culture of the world. Can fly in the air between the freedom of action "company (Dhaka, pulp, second), can be said to be a sign that the world exists, but in many companies, some companies strive for public service, there are also some specially designed sabotage around robbing.

" is the protagonist in the game game player points, originally living ordinary lives in an island, but one day he was living on the island, the company suffered from evil attacks. He was on the island drifting to meet a young girl, so the two men set up a whole new company and started a new life.

game player must play to play led the company's "leaders", the construction of residential development, the island, commissioned to undertake the residents that urban sustainable development, to create one of the world's first company, the main target is the story.

" game at the same time, the Chinese official website officially launched today, the style is very interesting and lovely and recommend you to feel: portal.

" by the way, the Japanese horror game "night" has been officially on sale later today, Chinese simultaneously launched version. Game retail information can click here to read, in the Games time, "night" later made a score of 8/10, interested in the game player can click here to read reviews.

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