Professional whistleblower extortion hundreds of vendors suspected food pharmacy personnel manipulation

Report to WeChat food business license Zhengzhou

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" not long ago, Henan Zhengzhou police cracked the "report" in the name of extortion cases, victims are small traders. According to the police investigation, the case behind the scenes suspected of local food and Drug Administration staff. For more than a month, Zhang Qinghai, who had been selling eggs and filling cakes on the streets of Zhengzhou, looked sad. He didn't want to understand why it was difficult for him to make himself so big in the city of. He originally managed a few square meters of small shops barely live, not long ago was "public" report, saying that it did not apply for food business license.

this message is Zhengzhou Jinshui food and Drug Administration (referred to as Jinshui District food and Drug Administration) staff to convey to him. Zhang Qinghai learned that such a business without a license, not only fined 50 thousand yuan, but also sued to court. Not after this battle of the Zhang Qing Haydn panic.

later, Jinshui food and drug administration staff said, if you want to be fined, immediately settle informants, and gave him the informer Wang Mouchao's mobile phone number and micro signal.

hugged and tried, and Zhang Qinghai added WeChat, Wang Mouchao's name "Doraemon". Wang Mouchao said, just pay 1000 yuan, revocation report, Zhang Qinghai said only come up with 500 yuan, the other did not agree, and put down the relentless, let him wait in huge fines and shutting down.

was afraid of losing so much that Zhang Qinghai quickly turned his back on the store and became unemployed. Recently he suddenly learned that "Doraemon" was arrested on suspicion of the police and he was also blackmail and impose exactions on, "report" businesses have hundreds, and a lot of people to "machine cat" paid the money, ranging from one thousand or two thousand to more than 5000 yuan.

shocked Zhang Qinghai, "Doraemon" was suspected of blackmail and impose exactions on the behavior of collusion with jinshuiqu food and drug administration staff and police have confirmed the statement to the democratic and legal Agency reporters, the relevant personnel have been controlled.

, "get the whistle blowers and get rid of the fine", Li Bo, who runs an Internet cafe in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, is one of the successful people who have been "machine cat", and he is also the informant of the scandal in

. Li Bo engaged in Internet cafes business for many years, claiming to have never worked with the food and drug administration, in his opinion, Internet cafes do not produce food.

but in late June this year, Jinshui food and Drug Administration subordinate to the grass-roots staff of 3 came to the door, when Li Bo did not in the Internet bar, network management received them.

one named Cao Moutao staff said, someone reported the Internet did not apply for "food business license", the network loss, he did not know how to provide network service industry, and food hook.

staff said the display of mineral water, instant noodles, snacks are food management, speechless.

Cao Moutao let network manager tell Li Bo and contact. Li Bo did not care about it, nor did he call Cao Moutao. The second day, after Cao Moutao took people to the Internet bar, Li Bocai contacted Cao Moutao and added WeChat to each other.

Cao Moutao told Li Bo that the Internet cafe was reported by a real name called Wang Mouchao. At the same time, he sent a copy of the report letter to Li Bo via WeChat.

reporter saw a letter to report the general content is Li Bo's Cafe "card" license suspension no food business, Wang Mouchao asked the food and Drug Administration jinshuiqu "verification of the store business license and business scope, the license expiration date is written to inform me".

at the same time, Wang Mouchao put forward in the report the letter, if Li Bo's Internet presence of illegal behavior, "immediately stop the illegal behavior, illegal business turnover during the collection of valid evidence … … confiscation list and told me the value of writing, and according to the law awards".

Wang Mouchao in the report behind the letter left a mobile phone number at the beginning of 156, the number is marked with the following "encryption" two words, in the presence of micro signals in front of also marked "limited consultation."".

aforementioned egg cake Zhang Qinghai told reporters, he suffered the second half of the report, and exactly the same as Li Bo. Li Bo thought it was not easy. "It's too professional.". "

," the food and drug administration staff said, "if you go according to the legal process, this situation has to be fined 50 thousand yuan, to deal with informants, you can not pay fines.". "Li Bo understood the meaning of the sentence.

Cao Moutao also told Li Bo in WeChat: "coordinate with him."! Remember, after the success of coordination, cut a screen, let him write an "&hellip"; … after done, we seize the time to do the legal business. "

Li Bo didn't want to deal with it this way, but Cao Moutao said," you can find legal personnel to contact him, but the key is to minimize the cost of the law, that is, less money. "

does not accept the bargain" business "

6 month 28 days, Li Bo let lawyers add micro signal" machine cat, "Wang Mouchao said want to communicate with each other no matter, polite, direct price 5000 yuan.

Li Bo's lawyer said that the price is too high, there is no room for communication, "machine cat" said this is "the boss's unified price," I am only responsible for collecting money". The lawyer insisted that it was unacceptable".

then, "Doraemon" by threatening tone said: "after the other Internet cafes will not punish you bargain, would you like to give us an advertisement? Li Bo's lawyer said the arrogant attitude was infuriating.

in order to normal business, Li Bo's lawyer is prepared to humiliation this time. What will he do if he does not withdraw the report after payment is made? "Machine