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although the quality of the game is controversial, but "Final Fantasy 15" in sales has achieved good results, and indeed has many fans. Not only the expired as "final fantasy 10" and "Final Fantasy 13" that launched completely sequel friends probably will be disappointed, Square Enix recently revealed that they are unlikely to "Final Fantasy 15" making a sequel to complete independence, but will focus on the development of the game is relatively small the expansion of the content.

"Final Fantasy 15" director Tabata end said in an interview with Polygon, as the "Final Fantasy 15" sequel to the development studio is not a wise choice. In his view, a long wait would keep fans away from the series.

"in order to expand the IP or series and the development of the sequel, in some respects is very good," said "Tabata end, but the negative effect of doing so is that the office will be in a very long time no new content, it will let fans will stay away from (this series), they will also fade this series of passion.

Square so Enix did not consider as "Final Fantasy 15" complete sequel development of a large budget, but each add such as the role of personal expansion pack, multiplayer VR games, some of the relatively small size of the content.

said they tried to Tabata end, fill a blank in the history after the half game in multiplayer mode, according to the traditional way of making a complete game the word of the studio is too difficult, but with the multiplayer mode this form can better maintain their contact with game player.

"Final Fantasy 15" on sale in November 2016, but will be launched at the end of 2017 the Ignis expansion packs, Square Enix also recently released the PC version and the mobile phone version of the information; in addition, VR fishing game "Final Fantasy 15: deep sea monster" will be launched in November.

source: GameSpot

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