Its efficacy is comparable to that of Cordyceps sinensis, but these 4 things cannot be eaten together! Consequence

Its efficacy is comparable to that of Cordyceps sinensis but these 4 things cannot be eaten togethe

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after the beginning of autumn, bid farewell to the season to eat watermelon, then eat what fruit best? Then it must be the grapes! The effect of grape in autumn is comparable to that of caterpillar fungus. Unfortunately, many people do not know.

is a good time to eat grapes. Do you often eat grapes? What's the advantage of eating grapes? How should grapes be preserved? Come and have a look.

eat the grape benefits of preventing cardio vascular disease


grape can be better than aspirin to prevent thrombosis, and can decrease the human serum cholesterol levels, reduce platelet cohesion, have certain effect on the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

2. excites glucose, organic acids, amino acids and vitamins in the brains of

grapes, stimulating the brain's nerves. Diet is also beneficial for people with neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

3. expectorant

long term smokers may eat more grapes. Grapes can not only help the lung cells to detoxify, but also have expectorant effect, which can relieve the respiratory tract inflammation, itching and pain caused by smoking.

4. antiviral

grape juice is effective in the rehabilitation of frail patients, vascular sclerosis, and nephritis patients. Direct consumption of grape juice, as well as antiviral effect.

5. weight loss,

grapes do not easily get fat, women eat 10 daily contains a large amount of vitamin fresh black grapes or green grapes, both to achieve weight loss purposes, but also beneficial to cardiovascular health.

6. increase appetite,

raisins for nutritional food, suitable for weak physique of the food, can stimulate appetite, and tonic, vomiting, analgesia and other effects.

7. anti-aging

edible grape skin and grape seed, beneficial to the health of patients with ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic heart disease. The darker the epidermis, the more flavonoids it contains, the better for protecting the heart and, more importantly, anti-aging.

8. against hepatitis,

, liver problems can be appropriate to eat grapes. Because the grapes contain natural active substances, glucose and vitamins and cellulose, very obvious to protect the liver, reduce the ascites and edema of lower limbs effect, but also reduce transaminase, is not good for the liver even hepatitis patients is very useful.

raisins are an important source of iron supplementation in patients with hepatitis. Use 100~150 grams of raisins to decoct water. It is also a supplement to icteric hepatitis.

9. whole body is the best method of eating

grapes, is to fully wash the peel, the whole entrance, even with the belt seed chew together to eat, so that nutrition will reach 100 percent". If you peel and spit seeds, nutrition will lose most of it.

color is different, the effect is different,

in life, grapes are divided into many colors, and different colors of grapes, its efficacy and role is not the same. Come and see which grape you prefer!

1. purple grapes make you more young

purple grape anti aging!

common varieties: Kyoho, rose

purple grapes rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, the two compounds are potent antioxidants, for our free radicals have a good fight and removal effect.

benefits: it plays a significant role in the prevention of aging, not only can reduce the production of skin wrinkles, but also can alleviate the deterioration of vision in the elderly.


black grapes make you full of energy black grapes to relieve fatigue!

common varieties:

content of black black grapes in potassium, magnesium and calcium and other minerals other than the color of the grape, the mineral ion mostly organic acid salt form, plays an important role in maintaining the ionic balance of human body.

benefits: can effectively combat fatigue, often eating black grapes on the human body neurasthenia, fatigue and other diseases of great benefit.

3. red grapes help you soften blood vessels

red grape varieties: Red softening blood vessels


red grape with reversal of enzyme, this enzyme can protect the heart by reduce arterial wall cholesterol accumulation, can soften blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, prevent thrombosis.

benefits: to prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke is very beneficial, cardiovascular patients should eat more.

4. white and green grapes help you nourish Lung Qi

green white grape varieties: common

nourish Lung Qi Xinjiang milk grape, seedless grapes.

white green grape, also known as colorless grape, green when not ripe, pale white after maturity. White grape can fill lung, lungs and effect.

benefits: for people with coughs, respiratory problems, and poor skin tone.

eat grapes attention,

people are edible grapes, anemia, hypertension, edema, neurasthenia, fatigue should be appropriate to eat more, but diabetes should be appropriate. Grape sex slants cool, the stomach is bad person do not eat too much.

at the same time, be careful that the grapes are best not to be eaten with the following foods.

1. grapes and milk

grapes strengthen the acidity of the stomach, making it difficult for the milk to digest and absorb, and can cause diarrhea in severe cases.

2. grapes and iron supplement, calcium medicine

tannic acid as a "magnet", if you are put on iron and calcium medicine medicine, and do not eat grapes, because just in calcium and iron in no time be absorbed immediately by tannic acid to absorb, serious when still can solidify into stone. Therefore, it is suggested that the two be separated and be eaten half an hour later.

3. grapes and water

drink water immediately after eating grapes,

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