Sesame credit over 1000 points? Who's so cattle?

Enterprise credit Alipay Z

IT168· 2017-08-26 20:41:36

want to know the personal credit system is 950 day sesame, Xiaobian see their only 780 points. Have you ever seen a credit score of more than 1000 cents? Not only now, but also the beginning of the 1000+, because people are corporate users.

", now sesame not only has personal credit score, but also has an enterprise credit score. Enterprise sesame credit score between 1000-2000, through this score can enhance the credibility of enterprises, expand business opportunities, but also enjoy more value-added services.

" personal sesame credit scoring is between 350-950

enterprise customers can score opening and query in the Alipay - sesame credit credit management - enterprise credit ". Here is a map, so that we can have a detailed understanding.

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