The gadget picked up by the boy suddenly exploded in the classroom

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summer vacation ended, many schools in one after another school. This is not only on the third day, Liupanshui Shuicheng County small pang suffered an accident in the school, he brought a gadget in school, suddenly exploded … …

roadside picked up a "toy" unexpectedly provoked surprise

reporters at the hospital to see the injured Peng Weixing, it is understood. He is 11 years old this year, read the sixth grade. Three days ago, he was caught in a garbage heap near a school when he was caught in a little gadget.

Peng Weixing: "I saw a delicate thing, I did not know what it was, I picked it up.".

" reporter learned that Peng Weixing will pick up the gadget to the classroom, can just return to their desks before the accident occurred.

Peng Weixing: I picked it to the ground exploded, then there are a lot of people, everyone is watching. Dr.

: when cured, it may be handicapped.

although there are many people in the classroom, Peng Weixing is the only one injured. After the accident, the teacher sent Peng Weixing to the local hospital, and then transferred to the Sixth People's Hospital of Guiyang.

Peng Weixing's father: Meat ah, these are all gone, the doctor is cured after may be disabled.

Peng Weixing's uncle: hand no meat only bones elsewhere are trauma.

Peng Weixing's chin, left hand, and right hand were subjected to varying degrees of injury, including the most serious injuries to the right hand.

" Peng Weixing's family told reporters that Peng Weixing was from the trash - toy is used to initiate the detonator blasting materials.

" at present, Peng Weixing's treatment has spent $more than 10000, for the farm family is already stretched. For a moment of curiosity, Peng Weixing and his family paid a huge price.

read the news on the

case really worried

similar things long ago in the US has also occurred in

↓ ↓ ↓

Bang two children left badly mutilated

long ago, Guiyang Fourth People's Hospital received two patients, two per capita is about six years old children the left hand, two children were wounded, and the wounded child was usually very rare.

" according to the child's family said they came from Dafang County of Jiang Zhen, two children are cousins, the day together in grandmother home to play, unfortunately suffered the accident.

the culprit was a roadside detonator!

found that the child was wounded, the family immediately send their children to Dafang County People's Hospital for treatment, then overnight turned to the Guiyang Fourth People's Hospital, according to Ms. Yao introduced wounded child could be a detonator they readily picked up on the side of the road.

waiting parents parents Ms. Yao in the operating room: the children said they were two detonators a stone on the side of the gap found inside the play in the process, do not know how it exploded.

, after the incident, the family immediately reported to the police, and another detonator has been taken away by the police investigation.

currently has two children whose surgery is over and, although not life-threatening, the left hand of the two children has not been kept.

child is not sensible to all things in the world are very curious about

so parents and teachers must pay attention to guiding

to take

to teach children don't pick up unsolicited stuff

hopes that a similar tragedy don't happen again!

reporter: Zhou Kewen, Liang,

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The gadget picked up by the boy suddenly exploded in the classroom

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