Luhan Ivy Chen "double H" fit on campus youth story! Captain Deng Chao by pose eye-catching ~

Story youth Deng Chao Ivy Chen grab an eye

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no man forever young, forever young people. So, only show the precious youth. Not everyone's student is pregnant abortion is more love, love students and youth. The team returned to the student run. (background music is a little lucky!) < br />

full of collagen and youth of memory interleaving, < br / > and those familiar with the campus songs, < br / > the run male" special edition of the youth, "< br / > is simply too with a sense of! < br / > Yang (2) light (Nen) to vote (KE) (chi) < br / > "older students" so rough now < br / > defenseless in front of us. < br / > sub minute Meng you face blood ~

in front of high-energy cute! Style= text-align: "center

the goddess of the sale of Meng came almost let people fall! Two small plait < br />


there is no reminds you of your schooldays.

at that girl ~


you must have done in the school's

all kinds of absurd things" text-align: center; ">

wrinkles all fall down! < br />



deer in the,

quickly sit beside me, quick! Style=

the most want to do with you at the same table. Style= text-align: "center >

you go to play football, style= text-align: "center


big black,

duty pay to you!

because every day is your duty!


Wong Cho Lam students

< span style = "font size: 14px;" > don't sleep,

sleep will be like a great black like repeat! Style=

deer, ultra brother,

to a female classmate see you excited.


but is indeed a very good look! Style=

well. In fact, there is a skill.

bell ring the bell, class,

this section is "outdoor" Chinese class. Style=

the first time to see the Chinese class can also go to the outdoor. What is the relationship

but Chinese classes and pool! Style=

but Ivy Chen was also good!

  ejection seat back Deng Chao / > ~

Best deer,

you are hidden bully ah!

you even remember "Cha"! Style=

on your worship of the situation and a step! After the


"cooler" language classes,

and to physical education. Style=

there are lovely classmates in the side watching, "

when playing

Chen classmates fall get up, "


most we are not optimistic about the ancestral blue team won the victory.

PE is in everyone's Dadanaonao spent. After the


everything is better than a

"body" to "beauty". Style=

next is the artist's time.

you comparable to Van Gogh's style

is not an ordinary person understand! Style=

this is

Luhan's urgent hum!

, you tell me

today, I want to marry you and

tomorrow I want to marry you,

to how to act?

see great black urgent!


finally to the after part of the tack of famous brand!

a great black actually first out,

my first reaction is Luhan actually not the first tear! Style=

go in?

eat fruit is positive solutions ~


< span style = "font size: 14px;" >
to help baby,

Cheong leen betrayal Deng Chao,

reason is "I will protect girls! Style= text-align: "center

Chief Executive officer!

was swept a face there!


see run Nantuan back to school,

you don't miss your schooldays?

lock iqiyi, see running, brothers,

maybe can find love in a barrage of it!


mengchuo" read the text " run team returned to the student ~

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