Trump awkward, Americans in the end how much want to change the president?

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ITzhijia· 2017-08-27 04:11:32

" in the past year, a hot topic in IT industry center of Silicon Valley's most popular and often out ridicule discussion, is the founder of Facebook Mark Zach Berg, is preparing for the next presidential campaign. Because President Donald Trump, let the American people rekindle the dream that anyone can become president.

as the history of the most controversial president, Trump used his office this year's performance, to show the world that he is indeed deserved the title. Halt Obama health care reform, promote the construction of the Mexico wall, launch the Syria war, withdraw from the TPP agreement, pass through the Russian gate and the dismissal gate, withdraw from the Paris agreement, and make improper remarks on the "Sherlock Vail" incident. It can be said that the controversial topic has never stopped in Trump, and his words and deeds have also aroused the dissatisfaction of many Americans. He has always wanted someone to come forward to challenge his position.

, and recently on the Internet social media, some people have turned their attention to another Silicon Valley technology heavyweights. He is CEO, the technology company that owns the world's richest money, and Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook. Articles released by these social media suggest that Tim Cook's recent move is for the future presidential campaign.

" in order to answer people's doubts, the day before when Cook visited Milwaukee in Iowa City, and announced that it would invest $1 billion 300 million in a new data center. The Iowa reporter on the scene threw the question to Cook himself, and confirmed to him whether it was really a campaign for the president

"you must be joking.". Cook denied his idea of running for president on the spot. And on Thursday, when he visited an apple store in the area, he cleared the rumours again. "I don't know where these strange rumors came from, but some Internet social activists just spread out for spoof purposes.". "

Cook's so-called" KUSO "should be referring to the bloggers who have strung together Internet rumors in the past few months. For example, the famous media Gizmodo published a blog article entitled "Er, Tim Cook is running for president" in June 15th, and this article breaks the respect for the president. But

network media does not seem to accept Cook's rhetoric, Cook in the end of Thursday's trip to Iowa, and a "need to know" (Need to Know Network) news blog (it is said by the former Republican operation) again opinion article, named "Tim Cook for president

?" after the foreign media on these bloggers published articles were tracking reports, and in consultation with Cook, Cook once again responded to your not interested in politics. "I have a great full-time job and I love apples.". "Cook said," so no, my movement has nothing to do with politics. "

Cook on Thursday in the schedule is very tight, no wonder some of the media will be interpreted as a politician's campaign trip. In the morning, Cook met with an apple vendor in Cincinnati. At noon, he arrived at the city of Des Moines, and Iowa governor Kim Reynolds and Milwaukee mayor Bill Pierce, Apple announced that the latest data center plan. The plan will cost around $1 billion 300 million and create 550 new jobs. After the press conference, he went to the Milwaukee City Jordan Crick Town Center recently the apple store view.

Cook has been chief executive of apple for six years, and this year he has had the biggest ever dispute with politics. This is partly thanks to President Donald Trump, who has publicly put pressure on apple to provide jobs for the United states. In addition, when Trump left the United States from the Paris agreement in June, Cook, who has always paid great attention to environmental protection, publicly expressed his disappointment.

" recently in Charlottesville white supremacist rallies triggered by the massacre, Cook also expressed the opposite position of President Donald Trump. Trump said after the incident, "white nationalists, the Neo Nazi Party and the three K party should be condemned, but the result of this tragedy, both sides of the conflict have their respective responsibilities.". "

for the position of President Cook, in a memo to employees said:" I do not agree with the president and some people's point of view, they think that the white supremacist Nazis, with those of the human rights stance against them, moral ideal is equal, this misconception and draw further apart we are americans. "After the events in Charlottesville, Cook announced to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the anti Defamation League donated $1 million.

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