The TOEFL TOEFL exam writing memories of August 26, 2017

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2017 TOEFL exam just ended, the students got what? Here the station education to organize a complete August 26, 2017 TOEFL writing complete Zhenti memories, come away. Whether you review or test, it's helpful to sort out the answers. Come and have a look.

2017 August 26th TOEFL Zhenti full version of >>>

in 2016 08 recalled Sept. 26 TOEFL writing exam memory


reading: space energy get the benefit of

1. can get more energy

2. can protect the spacecraft from the impact of

3. is beneficial to the environment:

listening against the

1. spacecraft to the space is very expensive and there will be information delay

2. due to long service in space, the dust is too small to be recorded, even high speed will cause the heat concentration

3. will destroy the ozone layer, resulting in more purple Outside into the earth, thus harm humans and other biological

Do you agree or independent animal disagree:Nowadays it s easier to maintain good "health than it was in the past?



1. positive thoughts of solving the health consciousness of people becomes strong

2. more health facilities where people can exercise and improve the medical insurance

3. can also ensure the above people's longevity is

Education station to organize a August 26, 2017 TOEFL writing Zhenti memory, hope to predict the scores and prepare for the exam exam after we help students Pro forma.

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