Another star, the rise of the two generation, has been admitted two times in the drama

Zhang Ke Kaili Zhang summer sweetheart love of Alzheimer's memory

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your circle of stars, the two generation is really a considerable amount, and this does not have a potential stock appeared - Kaili Zhang teacher's daughter Zhang Keying.

, even if you don't know Keri's name, you must have seen her face. She's the leading character in all kinds of city plays.

, not watching TV, she also participated in the "variety" and "flowers" in the first season.

, content_img_p, and Keri's daughter, Zhang Keying, was born in 1997, and this year is 20 years old.

long like this

Kaili Zhang yesterday to send her daughter to play with you and pay attention to reports, the two generation of stars.

, there is her name in the theater department on the list of the 17 undergraduate.

" in fact, you want to say the orange star two generation who still has a story, this is not the first time she appeared in front of the public.

last year's mango group variety show, summer sweetheart, was named cocoa.

said the program is to create the future of mango variety group, began quietly, silently after the end, did not see what happened.

" followed by the addition of a variety of mango, "the first grade graduation season", but in the ending period to stay right 2 players, is wearing a black skirt with shoulder straps of the color.

directly in the field to perform a section of opera

is the three player off the only successful one.

" played by actress Zhao Linger in the graduate drama "Legend of Sword and Fairy", highlight hin.

in the next program, directly show their identity - night Kaili Zhang daughter

" broadcast on the same day, she also openly speak in micro-blog.

" earlier, in "flowers and young" throughout the first season, only to hear the voice of Keri teacher to pack, did not get the girl.

" and because the actor was born in the family, so he began making art, musical drama in high school, performing experience can be said to be very rich.

16 play "Wizard of Oz" actress Doris, the show also won the gold medal of the Edinburgh International Arts festival.

began last year's stage drama "sunflower seeds".

" you may not have heard of this name, you know that as long as the film adaptation of the novel called "sun burning heart" is good, is that Wang Luodan's role.

" last year in the musical "Alzheimer's love" Han Hong memory, composer, director Tian Qinxin, and Tan Weiwei.

", although this year admitted the play, but her micro-blog display or the Hongkong Academy for performing arts freshman.

, so it should be halfway transfer, back on a _ (&ang: 3; _

) think also, two variety and a stage in the early last year to start a career, not in the center of gravity Hongkong.

and, more self willed, she was admitted to the Chinese opera in 15 years, then ran to Hongkong to study, and won the highest 80 thousand scholarship awarded by the government of Hongkong to reward outstanding talents.

, last night, Zhang Keying drying out his student card and micro-blog in China
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