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for the TOEFL writing test for you often use some previous TOEFL writing Zhenti to practice for your TOEFL writing test points is very helpful, here Xiaobian for everyone to bring the TOEFL independent writing Zhenti, accompanied by Zhenti analysis and model, we want to mention the TOEFL writing help.

Topic:The advantages of TOEFL writing topic: living in my city

A person you know is planning to move to your town or city. What do you think this person would like and dislike about living in your town or city Why Use specific reasons? And details? To develop your essay.

reference analysis: This is a discussion of the assumptions about the topic. Try to stretch your imagination. Note: don't just say "my city". Point out the name of your city, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and so on.

people will like: women like shopping malls; men may like bookstores; big parks, zoos; places of interest; cultural atmosphere.

people hate it: traffic jams; stale air; xenophobia and unfriendly in big cities.


assumes that this city is a big city of love:

(1) jobs income


(3) more entertainment can write

does not love the easy life (1): environmental pollution (2)

It is almost always people are indifferent the case that a person who has been living in a rural area for a while confronts certain conveniences and inconveniences of living in a city. One convenience is the number and persity of stores and shops available in a short distance in a city. A big inconvenience is the traffic congestion (trouble) (traffic jam) that takes place in many places.

One big thing I remind my foreign friend who is planning to move to my city is that there is cultural persity, or even conflicts. My friend is an international student from Japan who is living in a small town in California. As a foreigner, he confronts (equivalent to encounter) with cultures of local people every day. On the other hand he realizes that there are few stores and restaurants that are native to his culture. It is very normal that such a person gets homesick and starts missing people (home) and foodstuffs from his own country. (food) Moving to a big city will satisfy such needs of him because there are many stores, restaurants and, supermarkets that are run by Japanese companies so he will less likely to be homesick any more.

Ho Wever, there is one big inconvenience about living in a city, which is traffic. Especially people who drive often feel stressed on the streets that are always packed with cars lining up in the streets (the street jammed). It is always difficult to find parking spots either in the parking lots or on the street. Furthermore. Apartments do not always provide sufficient (full enough, parking spots their (residents) to A lot of people residents). Who live in city feel less convenient to keep cars and choose to use public transportation. However, unfortunately the, public transportation system is not perfectly great around my neighborhood.

My City satisfies and dissatisfies my foreign friend who drives. The availability of S Tores and shops that are native to his country soothes his dissatisfaction about being surrounded by different cultures. However on the, other hand, traffic jam that is always the problem in big cities gives new stress that he is currently free from. It is a matter of balance between the two features that he needs to settle in.

above is small as we bring the TOEFL writing Zhenti subject + + analytical essays, we have found out some characteristics from the model, we accumulated some experience in this area in the pro forma, is very helpful to improve your TOEFL writing. Finally, Xiao Zhu wishes everyone to get an ideal result in the TOEFL test.

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