Women's "bath" was killed by the hotel: consequences

Died in the bathroom Northern Shaanxi Shaanxi

zhongqingwang· 2017-08-27 09:19:36

these two days, the Northern Shaanxi Xiao Gang Xiao Liang as long as the mention of electric water heater on the fear, in the end what happened?

original, small beam in August 20th with friends in a hotel to Xi'an Daxing Road, No. 21, about six in the morning the trabecular sister came to the hotel with a small beam to go to the doctor, the accident occurred in the bath.

beam: "I still asleep when my sister said to take a bath, not long after I heard the sound of falling, I quickly opened the bathroom door and saw my sister leaning on the door, still holding the shower, I quickly moved on the shower I was, the electrical results. I called her, but she didn't respond. "

then, trabecular friend and hotel owner called 120 emergency handlebar, sister sent to Tai Hing hospital for rescue.

" the doctor told reporters, when people sent not breathing and heartbeat, which belongs to the pre hospital death, no electrical injury found in the patient's body, so the hospital in the back of electrocution "for the cause of a question mark, if to confirm the cause of death must apply for autopsy.

so what happened in the shower?

reporter, and found the boss of Daxing hotel. It is understood that the owner of the hotel a year ago from the other people to take over the hotel, and as for how long the electric water heater, why leakage, and so on, the boss said he did not know.

hotel boss said: "my husband into the toilet, electric water heater does not pull the plug, when the water heater temperature showed that only three degrees, more anxious should wash. "

in the female boss, the accident Moulai woman Liang hotel bath to rub bath", for this, the hotel should think we do that.

reporter saw, Tai Hing Hotel wall is indeed affixed with two "warm tips."".

tip 1: tenants, for your and other people's property and personal safety, is strictly prohibited to stay overnight and strangers with a bath, if not to comply with the accident, all conceited!

tip two: Bath socket must plug in place, to prevent leakage! Those who do not listen will suffer the consequences!

" according to the female owner of memories, is to enter into a woman accident Liang brother hotel room in the morning at about six, when the hotel front desk did not keep people value, until after know the room of a person.

appears in the trabecular sister was killed in a hotel bath, Daxing Hotel should not shirk its responsibility, but the hotel boss thinks trabecular sister belong to rub bath ", and they have been previously suggested, should have no responsibility, so if the small beam sister really with the cause of leakage in the end who the responsible?

Shaanxi Hong vibration lawyer Zhi Xupeng said: "in accordance with the relevant provisions of the tort liability law in our country, hotels, shopping malls, entertainment and other public places managers if not doing security obligations, regardless of whether the victims or the injured person is not the consumer, is not the actual consumption, should bear the corresponding tort liability. "

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