Survival of the Jedi is expected to be the largest online Steam game

Jedi survival games DOTA Grand Theft Auto 5

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-27 10:39:12

"Jedi survival" is now burning hot, as one of the world's most popular games, it did not stop running forward, and constantly refresh their records. Not long ago, the average number of online games on the Steam has surpassed 800 thousand. This is only 10 days away from the time it reached 620 thousand online.

"Jedi survival" already long sold two popular game "GTA 5" and "Counter Strike: the number of online global offensive" behind, even 10 days ago seemingly impassable free game "DotA 2" the number of online in about 800000, today is already within reach. If you can go beyond DotA 2, Jedi survival will be the biggest Online Gamer on the Steam.

Dota2 yo, the pursuer is in sight "

" also survive the Jedi in Steam only sold 8 million copies of the game, and the 23 consecutive weeks Steam sales list first, but it will be available from March this year, sales momentum has no no deceleration. And there's some news that may herald the survival of Jedi, which will produce even better results in the future: a few days ago, developer Playerunknown released a map of Zhang Quanxin's desert city. This will be landing at the end of Xbox One host platform, the future may be landing PS4.


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