Love unparalleled even carrying skills "flame emblem unparalleled" released the latest real machine demo

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weifengwang· 2017-08-27 11:54:38

recently launched the Cologne game show, Nintendo announced the "flame emblem unparalleled" the latest real machine demo video, demonstrates the role of instructions and fetters, and even carrying systems.

"three grams of" Youku address system as the "Fire Emblem" series of tradition, in the Dynasty Warriors series have also appeared, "mutual restraint system" along with unparalleled Fire Emblem "gun sword axe". At the minimap interface, players can issue instructions to different roles. Red "double arrow" directions are displayed on the map, which means that the enemy is restrained and aggressive.

" Archer as "Sansheng grams of" outside the arms, facing the most melee enemy is slightly weak on the map, display the "one-way arrow", but on the flight line with the enemy and special effects, if seize this opportunity to have a favorable impact on the war.

"nurse" arms also for our video generals to the blood, demonstrates the use of props for Camilla peer treatment scene. Direct against the

"three grams of" in addition also affect the part of the enemy generals, the generals will "Parry", and at the top of the display of a circular "bidding frame slot", the generals attacked the basic way is to break the blood will not fall, the use of one weapon, slashing his "parry groove". Another old

"series is unique and unparalleled", and "fire pattern" favorability system is perfect, the video can be seen, the fetters of deep Camilla and Marx cooperation with unparalleled and technology, then the the battle of Marx also took the initiative to "intervene attack", both the head out of a love".

"Fire Emblem unparalleled" will be on sale in September 28, 2017, landing 3DS and Switch platforms, the confirmation supports simplified and traditional Chinese, Chinese version will be synchronized on sale.


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