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"Soul of darkness" and the tragic Knight Oscar high-end hand

Oscar soul of darkness player

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-27 15:38:46


manufacturers Gecco launched works has always been known for high quality, they had to "dark soul" series of Games launched a variety of high-end toys, now they have to "rob".

this time came Astoria Knight Oscar, don't look down the core game player can immediately think of who he is?

" in fact, he is the first NPC game player encountered in the darkness "in the soul", is also a hang up tragic knight.

Gecco Oscar to create a high precision model for 6 than the 1 figure, using ABS and PVC material to create hand shape and not for the first time that he is dying of the game player, but holding a sword and shield standing posture, and the base is about 32 cm high.

will send 1 bonus plus scheduled -- only 6 of more than 1 Crystal lizards, although an additional gift, but the quality is not vague.

Oscar, priced at 36800 yen (about 2237 yuan), will be on sale in Japan in December. Figure

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[once, in order to your soul and equipment have killed him, now a hand hand chop back for compensation? (c)


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