Fighting Lanstory, the first day of participation in the number of over 25000 people, battle chess TV: "we are the first to eat crabs.""

Game player game China with hip-hop banners.

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8 25, SLG TV held the first "LanStory flag gaming mobilization at the Shanghai National Convention center". As of 26 PM, 5, the total number of participants has reached 48000, while 26, the number of the day reached 25569 people.

" before the opening of people queuing

LanStory originated in foreign LanParty (LAN party), is the core concept of game player with their own equipment to participate in activities (Bring Your Own Computer, referred to as BYOC). Chess TV official said, this LanStory is also the first time in mainland China organized and Asia's largest LanParty activities.

Lanstory BYOC

BYOC LanStory as the core game player game player groups, banners specially prepared "BYOC zone", "overnight stay", "and the star anchor face to open the black", "exclusive Activity Award" and many other privileges, Vincent E, gogoing, etc., the old kid 100 flag head anchor synchronization in BYOC area.


BYOC in addition to the well-known chess area site opened the black, Lanstory for ordinary game player provides the price of 30 yuan "eat melon ticket", game player can depend on this ticket to participate in all activities except BYOC outside the region, including the "Mobile Games all district", "old boy tribe" and "events on the theater", "cage ring", "gaming arena", "the main stage" "Lyingman" and the game booth area for viewing or game. The

Lanstory also won the support of Ali cloud technology, grape Jun see in real time data panel aliyun, until 26 PM about 5 points, the game player has accumulated more than 48000 people, and 26 single in the number of more than 25000 people, of which 90 mainly accounted for 77%.

BYOC area before the addition of SLG, internal staff, the standard LanStory hope to bring a different game player in China Joy game player gathering line, hoping to bring more game player in the Lanstory sense and sense of interaction. First of all, the interaction between players and LanStory is different from the traditional game show, which tends to "show", and LanStory tends to experience more". In addition to the standard game experience area, all the games including gaming, games, are also the scene set up interactive game game player!

" Jedi survival Battle Royale game area

second, it is not only the interaction between the game game player, and game player and game player and anchor players, interactive games, the players and the anchor is not only to do a game player to perform, but with the game player to enjoy the joy of the game. The

LanStory standard, through a variety of initiatives to open up between online and offline shackles, not just online users can watch live LanStory show real-time event so simple. During the standard LanStory activities, each anchor studio will add "maid" gift, when users sent among the anchor virtual "maid" gift, "maid" will "break through the dimension of the wall" service for the anchor on the scene turned reality. And online users gift will also be transformed into a real form of snacks and other items, for the scene BYOC players can charge". And the players present for the anchor gift, will also show on the online gift list, the player's contribution to the anchor will not be omitted. Through online and offline connections, players who are not on the scene can be even more involved with LanStory.

in order to attract more core game player came to Lanstory TV in addition to the "chess line LAN party", "all the people can participate in the games, game player anchor line interaction" and "connected live and live as a gimmick, also invited a lot of other guests, for example recently in the variety show in the fire rapper. War chess staff said, now many young core game player is very personal, and diverse content can make the core game player came out from the "at home", at the same time, 30 yuan tickets for low threshold will not cause too much burden on the game player.

"with" the China hip-hop player Bridge

rap for this tournament, chess TV staff on grape Jun said, this Lanstory will be in the post war chess as TV brand activities held every year, the current effect is also satisfactory to them the. "We're among the first people in the industry to eat crabs, and for now, Lanstory is clearly going to be a long-term brand for us.". "Fight chess," TV said.

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