Reshape the classic macho! Such as "people" in the new studio Beidou officially announced

In the game the Big Dipper Hokuto no Ken

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-08-27 15:39:10

is the Dragon studio will launch a classic comic adaptation of the game "Hokuto no Ken", "people" (such as on the compass, compass). Game type for action adventure, scheduled for 2018 release, corresponding to the PS4 platform, determined to launch a Chinese version.


video address" (Original: fist of the North Star on the statue, the original cartoon: Zhe Fu), this cartoon works should be for the domestic ACG fans for having heard it many times. In this story, the civilization was destroyed by the nuclear war, and four riots, a man with seven wounds on his chest (the dipper pattern), attacked evil forces in the last days. The man was called Jiro, and he saved the world with his fist. His famous quote was, "you're dead."".

"in" Beidou will certainly restore Kenshiro, the picture is as follows: fist of the North Star,

"in the" Beidou will use the original story, most original characters will debut, also have the original characters, such as Yokoyama Changui, responsible for the game by studio. The story happened in the "miracle of Eden Street" (or design,), Kenshiro adventure will start here, at the same time the street is "Happy Street", can play various games, and as the lead voice of Kenji Ro is Kuroda Takashiya, is a seiyuu kiriu.

so, even in the last days, around the innocent still hot water, Menzerna if I had to play games ah?


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